I trust you

An adult story about spanking, read with caution.

When a woman says that to a man or a man to a woman or a horse to a cow, what does it really mean? Trust comes from a combination of time and communication. If the answer ‘I trust you’ comes in response for a request to be spanked, then she/he clearly believes the partner understands the parameters.

What kind of spanking?
How hard?
How long?
Punishment or discipline?
Comfort or sex after?
If sex, rough or gentle?

None of these parameters happen the first time or even the one-thousandth time. Trust is a constantly shifting and updating emotion and both partners are equally responsible for maintaining the harmony.

“I trust you.”
“That’s just it honey. I don’t want to hurt you and I’m not sure I trust myself!”
“Dear, spankings are supposed to hurt. I want – no – I need you to hurt me. I need you to break me down, to make me emotional, to cry, to beg, to scream for mercy. I trust you to take me to that place precisely because I know you don’t want to hurt me. But it’s not hurting. It’s healing.”
“How can a paddling that makes your butt red and bruised possibly be healing?”
“I need to purge. I can’t go on any longer the way I am. I’m emotionally frozen, I eat too much; I don’t take care of myself. I need you – literally – to whip me back into shape. It’s not abuse darling don’t ever think that. I need this from you. I need to submit to you and let go of my stubborn bad habits. I trust you: I trust you to spank me so hard I won’t sit down for a week. And I trust you to do it again tomorrow if you think I’ve earned it. I promise you love, I will never hate you for whipping me, because I accept that my punishments have been richly deserved for a long, long time.”
“In that case. Strip naked… now and get over my knees. We have a long, hard session of bodily harm to inflict on your disobedient bottom.”
“Thank you! *sobbing* Thank you!”