There be pirates here!

An adult story about spanking and sex and very bad words, read with caution

Once upon a time, there was a girl, lady, a buxom wench called Luna who sailed to a new land seeking fame, trouble. She couldn’t help being bad, bad found her time and time again. ‘Sail Ho!’ came the call down from the crow’s nest. Luna rushed to the rail and peered into the distance at the ship rapidly wearing towards them. ‘It’s pirates!’ came the next anguished shout. Then a stampede of a calloused feet and caught unawares, Luna was unceremoniously shoved over the rail and into the cold sea.

When she next came to, leering down at her wet bodice and sodden gown were a ring of dastardly, blood thirsty, frightening, hunks of studly men. ‘Make way ya scurvy dogs! She’s mine I tell you and I’ll gut any whore’s son who thinks otherwise or my name’s not Clifford the Big Red Dog!’

Luna shrunk back with fear, terror, horror, sheer delight at Clifford’s ranting tirade. She was wet now, not just from the sea, but her thighs were flowing with secretions. He grabbed her long plait and yanked her to her shaky feet. ‘You’ll do as your told wench or I feed ya to the fishes. Ya hear me tart?’

‘No! I’ll never submit to the likes of a brute, a beast with big bulging muscles and a very, very big… codpiece. Not even if you beat me, whip me, flog me, spank me. Not even if you strip me naked, tie me to the mainmast, spread my legs wide, wide open until my thighs scream in agony and my tender slit and pulsing rosehole are open to your every dark and deviant, twisted and lewd desire. I will never willingly submit to your lustful urges.’

‘Is that so miss high and mighty. Argh, I have a hankerin’ for some tender virgin female flesh. What you say boys? Should we give the wanton lass a taste of pirate justice?”


‘Well slattern. Looks like you got your wish. I’m gonna flog you till you faint, revive you with some grog and then take you in every single hole, over and over again. Ya ready to pay the price for being my prisoner?’

Luna fainted, dropped, swooned with excitement, passion, lust. ‘Do me! Hurt me! Rape me! I love it Clifford.’