Why do I crave spanking?

An adult story about spanking read with caution

I’m a modern woman! Strong and independent.

I can drive, vote, work, travel on my own; something too many women elsewhere can’t do!


When my boyfriend gives me ‘that’ look.

I shiver.

I put down my magazine. I stand. I bite my lower lip in shame.

He nods.

I shuffle reluctantly to my bedroom, my sanctuary, my feminine home, the place where I can choose to do anything of my own free will.

So I choose… to stand in front of the full-length mirror as I disrobe. I clench my teeth hard as I try to suppress the awful mocking voice teasing my curves, my sagging breasts, my ugly face… Stop It!

Stop being such a bad girl. You’re beautiful.

I’m not. I’m a bad girl. Bad girls are naughty. Naughty girls… naughty girls… Say it!


by strong men


I punish myself by restraining my twitching fingers from creeping down my fat tummy to my bits and bits and bits…

I groan with deserved frustration, I’m such a slut, a whore, a filthy little girl who needs a good beating by her stern daddy/coach/teacher/priest/man in uniform!

Pillows piled just so…

Hips raised, feet shoulder width apart

Can’t forget the towel underneath to soak up my juices

Waiting… nude… exposed… humiliated… squirming helplessly as I finally hear, slow, heavy, tread of my chastiser approaching my closed bedroom door and then…

the knob turns… the door swings open…

and I cum violently as he says softly…

so, I hear from mummy someone’s been a naughty little girl…

Why do I crave spanking?


  1. You’re basically dealing with biology. Women need the assurance that the man for whom they are tempted to spread their legs can handle them. Submission through spanking is both ancient and universally understood.


  2. Wow!!!
    I’m a guy, and that’s how I feel sometimes. Both about getting and receiving a darn good spanking. Knowing that my little ass is going g to get redder and redder, and hopi g that my spanked doesn’t stop until I am in tears.
    Oh well. Perhaps some day.


Spank you very much

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