Thank you to Cultivated Discipline

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

A post called “Ritual and Realities” by Cultivated Discipline. She thanked me for reaching her ‘core’ with my spanking writings and a link to her favorite post of mine ‘I’m gonna whip your ass until I can cook bacon’* explaining that southern style whippings push her many buttons.

“A Yankee Candle in the Delta”

The crik-crik of the rockin’ chair was sweet counterpoint to the tree frogs croakin’ for mates. The summer stars hung low, bright and swollen dipping into oaks festooned with Spanish Moss. Her heels crunched on the gravel, dead giveaway to the lateness past curfew. He was waiting on her, as always, waiting for her to obey. He was going to wait a long, long time for her to knuckle under to his dictates.

“Ye’re late.”
“Ya will be.”
“I said I was sorry!”
“Don’t cha sass me girl.”
“I’m not a child!”
“Yup. Ye’re me wife and I expect better from ya.”
“You can’t treat me like this!”
“Ya, I can and I will until ya lurnt yur lesson.”
“To be your slave?”
“No. Be me partner. A willin’ partner stead of a wicked brat.”
“So… I have a choice now?”
“Yup. Ya can strip here or upstairs.”
“It’s miles to town girl, ain’t nobodsies round here.”
“Are you going to ‘tan me arse’ again?”
“Nope. Ya little girl who done claimin’ to be me wife, she be axing me to tan ‘er arse.”
“Den ya can turn round and walk back ta town and not come back.”
“But I love you!”
“But’cha don’t ‘spect me as yur man.”
“I don’t wanna spanking all the time!”
“Den behave girl, dat’s all, behave.”
“Where’s the fun in that ya pervert.”
“Dat’s me girl.”
“I think I want my whupping out here bent over the railing. Maybe I can drown out those fuckin’ tree frogs this time.”