One month of spankings

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

Today is the one month blogaversary of “Spank Me Hard! … Please?” I’ve done 31 posts containing over 9,000 words of short stories with a poem or two. In addition, I’ve written over 27,000 words in my novel for a grand total of 36,000 words in the last 30 days about spanking.

Total visits from spankos have been 6,000 with half coming from My Bottom Smarts so a big paddling thank you goes out to Bonnie. I am very grateful for the positive response to my writings and I’m glad so many of you find pleasure in spanking.

“There’s always a reason for spanking”

“Honey? What’s a word beginning with ‘S’ that’s eight letters?”

“What’s the clue?”

“A repetitive motion that creates heat.”

“Hmmmmm. Perhaps a demonstration would jog your memory.”


“That’s four letters my dear, try again.”