When good girls go spanking

An adult story about spanking, sex and bad words read with caution

Kim was horny. The kind of horny when you can gnaw wallpaper in frustration. Her current lamented boyfriend was God knows where and quite frankly, even if he was here instead of there, he was useless in bed. So he had a big dick, so what, he couldn’t use it right, in and out and in and out and in and out. Kim usually did sudoku in her head while giving head and the grocery list while he pounded his head in and out and in and out. The only orgasms she ever got were from her vibrator, ‘Lickin’ Larry’ and the anal probe wand that pulsed.

When the knock came on her door, she was surprised. Looking through the peephole, she was worried. Chain on; open just a crack to ask questions. He was lost – he said – seeking a good girl – he said – living in number 483. Not I – she said – I mean I am a good girl – she said – but this is 383. Oh I’m sorry – he said – I answered an ad from a good girl – he said – looking for a spanking. You can advertise – she said – for a spanking? Yes – he said – that’s what I do – he said – I fulfill good girl’s desires to be spanked.

Well – she said – I am a good girl. Are you in need of a spanking – he said – because I am here and you are there. I am in need – she said – of much more than a spanking. I can meet those needs – he said – after a firm bare bottom spanking is given. How much – she said – do you charge for these services? For a good girl – he said – such as your self – he said – the first spanking is free. That is a very good deal – she said – come on in and sample the goodies. Thank you – he said – I shall and I will. What should I call you – she said – a spanker?

Call me – he said – Good Spanks for Good Girls.