Butt that’s so gross!

An adult story about analingus, please read with caution

For Slave sephani and her post with funny cartoon.

He was an unabashed ass-man. Face was fine, breasts ho-hum but give him a plump, round ass, and he’d feast all day. Women though who tolerated his fetish, let alone wanted to be ass eaten were very hard to find. ‘That’s gross! I shit there!’ were the outraged responses from every female he ever dated. Never mind that most of them loved his face in their wet snatches, try and slide his lips down an inch and all hell would break loose.

Then along came the Texas Pistol. Petite, caramel skin, dirty mouth with a mind to match. She loved everything ass, from hard anal to even harder spanking. But most of all, she loved his tongue in her ass. That first swipe was always a surprise, no matter how often he licked her anus, it felt so taboo. The thought of shitting and having him clean her up sent her right over the edge every time.

For him, her scent was intoxicating. Sharp, sweet and bitter at the same time, the odor was overwhelmingly her own. Intimacy in the most primitive form. Face down or legs to her shoulders, when he settled in at her anal opening, he drooled at the sight of the wrinkled folds waiting to be washed by his mouth. The rubbery feel, almost like chewing gum, the slick natural secretions and the pinching tightness, combined with the taste: Pure ambrosia. But the best part came after a good ass fucking when she could suck his cock, and he could lave her gape. That was a real 69.