Couples Spanking therapy Part 1

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

Dr Discipline had a unique practice. He was a certified Spankologist specializing in couples therapy with an emphasis on D/D and D/s marriages. He could consult with non-married partners, but the bonds of matrimony were vital where spanking was concerned. His latest patients were a married couple in their early forties. Seventeen years together, two children, both worked and both were deeply unhappy. Not uncommon in marriages lacking discipline.

Husband: I don’t understand my wife’s obsession with spanking!
Wife: It’s not an obsession and if you cared about me you’d listen instead of judging!
Husband: It’s sick wanting to be hit.
Doctor: Why do you believe it is sick to hit your wife?
H: I’m not an abuser. Men who batter their partners should be locked up for life.
W: I’m not asking to be beaten. All I want is to be spanked once in awhile.
D: Is that really true?
H & W: No.
D: What is your desire then?
W: I want to submit to my husband. I want him to be in charge. I want him to discipline with spankings instead of treating me with contempt and cold silence.
H: Well if you didn’t keep doing such stupid things I wouldn’t be so angry with you!
W: I’m trying to get your attention moron! If you weren’t such a wimp, you’d have whipped my ass a long time ago!
H: I hate when you put me down, I’m your husband bitch, not some pansy on TV.
W: Then prove it… wuss.
D: Do you believe by goading your husband into striking you, it will solve your communication problems?
W: It’d be a start at least. Prove he’s a man.
H: If I spanked you now, the way I feel, I don’t think I’d stop. I want to hurt you so bad.
W: I’m not afraid of pain.
D: Then what makes you afraid?
W: Losing him. I’ve already lost his respect, his friendship. I’m terrified he doesn’t love me anymore.
H: Don’t cry. I haven’t stopped loving you. I just… I can’t understand how spanking you, is going to improve our marriage.
D: Would you both be willing to try? Here, under my professional supervision?
W: Yes. That’s why I insisted we see you.
H: As long as she’s clothed.
W: It has to be bare bottom. We talked about this. He’s a doctor.
H: Fine.

At this point in the procedure the patients sign the spanking waiver while I set up the annex for the discipline session. It is a small room, large enough for table, armless padded chair and loveseat. I also provide all the implements, tissues, lotion etc. The walls are cushioned and soundproof. At one end is a one-way mirror behind which I monitor and record the session for the patients to take home and study. This particular couple had much anger and required multiple sessions before they could finish spanking for more than a few minutes. He spanked her too soft at this first session and she responded by accusing him of sabotaging the therapy. When he snatched up a hairbrush and walloped her rapidly, I was forced to call a halt to the session. Both of them were very upset, not at each other, but at me. I explained why I’d stopped and sent them home to review the tape. Their next session went better.