Trying too hard

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

She frowned before she pressed send. If he found out… he’d always threatened to tan her hide good… she sighed with frustration. Being good was too hard. She tried, she really tried to avoid the temptation, but the more she read, the more people she met, the more dissatisfied she became with him. Realistically she knew it wasn’t his fault she’d changed the rules mid-marriage, but why was he so dense? Why did she practically have to cheat on him in order to provoke a reaction?

Two days later, two days too late to turn back she paced outside the seedy motel room. Angry he’d forced her into this by ignoring her needs – unspoken as they were – but still, he should’ve known! Why else drop subtle hints about wooden spoons and leather belts? Was her husband brain damaged? Why couldn’t he just spank her? Fulminating she failed to notice the door opening inward. A voice spoke to enter: if she dared.

Sniffing, she dared and entered the dark room only to find… him… angry as ice staring at her as if she had betrayed everything good in their marriage. She had and her plummeting stomach nearly retched with fear. He raised his hand to her, she flinched, then turned back waiting for the deserved blow. Instead, a gentle caress caused her to burst into tears. When she stopped, her escorted her home, back to the safe place she’d violated with her longing for spanking.

Her longing was finally fulfilled that night. Bent over her husband’s knees, she discovered by trying too hard, she’d earned a punishment she’d remember forever. Next time she vowed, she’d send a snail mail instead. He was too sneaky! But, at least he had a hard hand to go along with his hard head. Funny, crying was supposed to make you feel better. Someone forget to tell her bottom.