buy you a drink?

I recently read an article where it stated we decide the compatibility of a potential mate in less than a second. Overall it takes no more than three continuous minutes of interaction to determine if a relationship is possible.

How does this relate to spanking? Are the criteria the same? Or completely different?

She was lonely. Too quick to judge – no, no, no, hell no! – no, no, no… Too impatient for even speed dating, she was leaving when the scent of him stopped her dead. She shook her head, he took her hand, she pulled away, he swatted her bottom, she gasped, he smiled, she swung, he ducked, she swore, he threw her over his shoulder and carried her away. He’d decided in .7 seconds to take her, she’d decided in .3 to run, but he was too strong. She discovered later, patience was a virtue, instilled one spank at a time, one lecture after another. After three minutes, she was no longer lonely, he was no longer solely interested in spanking. Another success for the Tri-Cities SpankoMunch.