Holiday feast

Every year was worse than the last, more stress, less fun and harsh words with the in-laws. He wanted her to relax, but nothing worked. Desperate, he finally swallowed his pride and asked his mother for advice. He was shocked when she said, quite frankly, that his wife probably needed a good spanking. He couldn’t believe his own mother would suggest a spanking! When she told him to talk to his father, he did, eventually, afraid of what he’d hear.

In a daze, he hung up the phone and wandered aimlessly until he stumbled into the kitchen. His wife was swearing loudly trying to bake the perfect pie and breads for Thanksgiving dinner. He shook his head, clearing the images of his parents doing it… he shuddered, but decided to take action at long last. He grabbed his wife round the waist and dragged her away from the stove. She shrieked and protested but he paid no heed to her vociferous complaints.

They got much louder when he firmly placed her over his knee and began soundly spanking his now angry wife. By the time he’d finished, she’d threatened everything from sharp knives to calling the police. Letting her up, she stormed off upstairs, slammed the bathroom door and stayed there for nearly an hour. When she carefully walked back downstairs, he was waiting with open arms. She accepted his hug, and asked quietly why he’d spanked her. Because you needed the release.

He wondered what she’d say.

She replied simply, ‘you’re right.’