The problem with reading archives

How do you highlight your blogging past? You can’t open a photo album or leaf through a book. Blogging is a linear and one-dimensional ripple in the infinite sea of the internet. You can try an about page, a sticky post, a sidebar list even an index, but the gone in a flash nature of today’s online community waits for no post. Here is my attempt to list six-of-the-best – with an extra penalty stroke – short fiction stories that I am most proud of writing.

P.S. My favorite piece of writing is #4, the post with the most all-time views at 2,400 is #2

#1 My very first post Sept, 6 2009 called “An Office Thrashing”
#2 “You May now Spank the Bride” Sept, 19 2009
#3 “Why do I crave Spanking” Sept. 22, 2009
#4 “Exchanging spanking vows” Oct. 10, 2009
#5 “Fear of pain” Nov 7, 2009
#6 “Armistice Day” Nov. 11, 2009
#7 “The hand does not make you down” Nov. 29, 2009

Read none, read them all, but always know that as a spanko you are not alone.