Daddy’s Playboy March 1965

A drabble of exactly 100 words.

Monthly Friday Flash based on the picture below

vintage playboy
Miss March 1965

“What’s that honey?”

“It’s Daddy’s Playboy from March 1965. The issue when I learned I was attracted to women… and when you spanked me for stealing and sneaking into your bedroom.”

“I remember now. You were one unhappy young lady for the next month.”

“I never could decide which was worse; your hairbrush or his belt.”

“Are you ready to get your wife?”

“In a minute. I want to add the magazine.”

Mother and daughter closed the door leaving behind a Purple Heart, a Silver Star, the Playboy and a beloved father and husband in his satin lined oak coffin.




  1. I love this for so many reasons. There are some lovely, understated erotic elements working together to form the piece as a whole, but it’s the way you juxtapose all the memory of that with the deeper emotional aspect of this piece in the present that I think is superb. I love this about your work. You do it with such adeptness.


    1. Thank you Ina. I’ve been sitting on this piece for three weeks and finally was satisfied with the flow yesterday. When working with only 100-words each word does the work of many. Memory is not stacked like blocks, it’s fluid like the ocean yet available with instant recall when triggered.

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      1. You did an extremely good job.

        Yes, memory – slippery little sucker, sometimes appearing when you don’t want it to and throwing the present into disarray. Or, conversely, one of the most wonderful and powerful tools at our disposal. There’s nothing more lovely than recalling a perfect moment with a loved one – even if the image is framed in the bitter-sweetness of longing.

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    1. I just saw it is a Drabble… even better, they are hard to write. And it’s nice to see someone who knows that term. I have not heard it was anything over 100 words. Sometimes less than 100 are called Drabbles, but not over.

      I have written hundreds in another life on another blog… maybe we know each other.


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