The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 3 (Part 18)

Evidently my acceptance pleased him for he said, “It would please me would you call me Timothy and allow me to address you as Ruby.” I blushed now at the courtesy: he cupped my check. “I shall strive to please you Timothy.” His Lordship cleared his throat at our affection. “Ruby is as yet untrained and will undergo much schooling before she is a suitable companion for you or any man. If you are indeed interested in young Ruby sir, then you may commit such funds needed to involve yourself in her curriculum.” He nodded decisively. “I do wish so.”

This link goes to The Bumhampton Chronicles category so you can catch up at any time.


            1. I promise it will be soon. Because it is only 100-words it may not be for a week, but then you will have many weeks in a row with non-stop plundering.

              I think your calendar should include a lesson in patience. 😉

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        1. I just did… I have ‘Two Flappers in Paris’ somewhere. I didn’t look at the whole list. My dad had it in the ’50s and I used to sneak his books, a lot of French stuff, private printings, and 16mm films then 8mm, etc over the years. He had quite a collection of old porn. I have a lot of European 8mm from the 60-70s, wish I had the 16mm stuff, but it all vanished. I do have two 16mm reels of animal films, dogs I think. He would have been in 7th Heaven with the internet.


            1. Thanks Elliot. I’ve written the rest of Chapter 3, 30 parts and will repost the chapter before I start chapter 4. I find a thousand words when broken up into ten segments fairly easy to write. The drabbles themselves as written can’t be a novel but will serve as the base material.


        2. Poor Ruby will be well satisfied. I am writing these in 1000-word chunks and then splitting them up. I could post larger segments but then it would only be once every 10 days. I prefer to post daily to keep myself interested in this blog.


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