The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 3 Part (19)

“You may call tomorrow afternoon if you remain amiable to claiming her training schedule.” The entire time His Lordship spoke I listened as my future was traded as if a marbled slab of beef. The phrase companion was not further defined, I knew not if I was to be a wife or a whore, and in short order Timothy took his leave. I mounted the ladder once more. Despite my troubled thoughts I was able to finish a shelf and a half in the allocated time before lunch. I was quite shocked at what transpired the rest of the day.

This link goes to The Bumhampton Chronicles category so you can catch up at any time.


        1. I know, you and missy both. I’d apologize, but a slow tease is a good lesson since it will ‘cum’ with a fast payoff soon. Starting Thursday and for the next 2-3 weeks, Louisa gets her comeuppance and Ruby is put through her first time with a man. As I said to Elliott, I need to post daily or I loose interest in writing. Right now I am working on two novellas and three novels all in various stages.

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