Kismet of Submission: Episode 6

They reseat themselves, her shopping bags no longer a barrier, and slide hip-to-hip. Now that the permission has been tacitly given, the sexual attraction they both feel—to varying degrees—sends the pheromones spurting like fungi spores. He folds the brochure into neat quarters, and hands it over to her, pointing out the two workshops he’s interested in attending.

We—and all those in the vicinity—are jolted by the loud unrestrained bark of laughter from Tamara. Even from our casual observation, backs against the far wall, we can see the sparkle in her eyes and the proprietary manner in which she strokes his forearm. Her fingers linger on his bare skin as her mirth gradually subsides. His expression is far harder to read. A quirk of the mouth, a pat on the back of her hand: his raised eyebrow clearly requesting a clarification. There are few things in life more entertaining than watching a mating dance; all that’s left to do is work out the timing. Smitten would vastly overstate the attraction, but every relationship has to start somewhere; with someone lowering the drawbridge.

‘Really? They’re having a workshop called “Good anal is not like drilling for oil.”’

‘You wanted to know what else turned me on. Anal does.’

‘Can I ask why?’

‘Maybe it’s connected to spanking, I don’t know. I just know that of the two choices—three actually—I prefer anal. When a woman is on all fours, reaches back and spreads her cheeks, that tight little pucker makes my cock painfully hard.’

‘Hmmmm: Let me read the rest of the choices out loud. “Dirty Grrls and Naughty Boys: double standards at work.” That one I could definitely be on the panel. Sexual harassment is endemic in the hospitality industry. “Impact Play and Ropes: Evil Twins?” What’s impact play mean?’

‘It’s when a Dom uses implements all over the body, to impart sensations. Usually with a flogger or a whip that reddens the skin but doesn’t leave lasting marks. The cane on the buttocks is more often used for punishment than impact.’

‘Then I assume that the victim is usually tied up, thus the ropes?’

‘Not a victim, Tamara, a willing—nay, eager—participant.’

‘Oooookay. Moving on then. “If you can’t deal with the blood, run back to mommy.” That sounds rather nasty. I presume it’s about periods and earth women. Not that I’m judging. “Feminism: the real ‘F’ word.” Okay. Didn’t we just have that lecture this morning? Why do women always seem to tear at each other with claws over what makes a feminist?’

‘Can’t answer that one, I’m afraid. I think it has more to do with lack of progress and the male-dominated political arena than housewives versus roller bladers. Divide and conquer has splintered more than one constituency to the benefit of the powerful.’

‘Well, I can tell you that “Finding the Erotic in the Mundane”, sounds rather boring, and “A Little more understanding: the DDlg dynamic” seems creepy.’

‘It’s not. I know several DDlg couples online, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with pedophilia, but with feeling safe and cared for by a tender, loving Dom who provides strict boundaries and stern discipline. Ultimately, it’s about trust, and opening up to those things that make you the happiest. If being a little girl to your Daddy helps you get through all the day-to-day crap, then go for it.’

‘Then I guess anal it is, along with your second choice, “Submission: not just for doormats anymore.” I don’t think I’m submissive either, Sir, it’s too scary.’

‘But that’s what makes a submissive fly. The knowledge that they’ve given their Dom permission to use them however they want. Sex and discipline without a net is mindboggling.’

‘I’ll take your word for it.’

Satiated by our earlier purchases, we decide to follow them into the room for the anal presentation. There is a brief tug-of-war: Tamara prefers the back, he the front. They compromise on the middle row, on the center aisle. The demonstrators are a couple, male and female, and are busy setting up the final displays. There are about fifty chairs, and promptly at two in the afternoon, the moderators welcome the thirty odd folks who have decided to take a load off and sit for an hour.

‘Welcome to, “Good anal is not like drilling for oil”, and thank you so much for your attendance. My name is Cathy and this is Heathcliff. A little background, Heathcliff here is a Registered Nurse and I run my own company called “Happy Sex is Great Sex”. We decided to host this workshop in hopes that we can dispel some of the myths and perhaps provide some new information to those that have never tried anal before. Heathcliff, would you like to start?’

‘Thanks, Cathy. Welcome everyone. First of all, I would like to say that anal sex is not unnatural, is not a perversion and when done safely, can be pleasurable to both males and females, giving and receiving. I have here latex molds of both sexes; in medical terms, the major difference between male and female rectums, is that males of course have a prostrate gland. However, from a sensation aspect, the clitoral nervous system can also be stimulated in females through anal sex. For the most part, the anal nerve endings are clustered around the anus, and inside the rectum is primarily flexible flesh. Which is why finger play and anallingus—application of the tongue to the anus—is so pleasurable. It is highly recommended that before engaging in any anal play, at a minimum, the anus is cleansed with soap and water, and/or an enema is performed. Just to be clear, ingestion of fecal matter either through anallingus or ass-to-mouth of the penis or of a toy, is something that should be avoided, but is not likely to cause any significant discomfort. Needless to say, a condom should be used every time, including a toy. I realize that anal plugs are not designed for condoms, but I’m simply covering my ass here.’

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  1. ‘… I think it has more to do with lack of progress and the male-dominated political arena than housewives versus roller bladers. Divide and conquer has splintered more than one constituency to the benefit of the powerful.’

    How do you manage such eloquence? *bows in awe*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Writing a contemporary story is very different from fantasy or flash fiction. The eloquence comes from writing slower, and paying close attention to the character’s motivations and desires. The current political mess in all areas of the world is a direct result of instant access and reaction. It is extremely difficult to create creative fiction when technology and the ubiquitous cell phone has replaced conversation in the general sense of connection. Kismet straddles the line btwn languid romance and Tinder.

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  2. Would love to attend a conference as you have described, LS😊


  3. Oh my! There are sooo many things in this post that I found comical in one form or another that I’m surprised you can’t hear me laughing! The idea of following them into the room for an ‘anal presentation’ –um… And never have I come across Cathy and Heathcliffe in quite those roles before! 😀

    What you say in your answer to fondles is so true of your work: the attention to detail you give in ‘going slow’ with your longer works is just astounding. It’s this detail that makes your work so wonderful to read. As always, too, the dialogue is superb. The characters are really shining through it.

    As for the DDlg dynamic, it’s interesting how it can provoke such extreme reaction, and I’m not at all surprised to see Tamara finding the concept a bit difficult to grasp. It’s something I don’t have the remotest problem with, personally (in fact I find it quite endearing), although I have friends who find it impossible to understand, from a male perspective. Maybe it takes a very particular kind of trust, or devotion, in a D/s dynamic for it to work.

    And feminism: I believe that feminism has, over the last few years, reached a point of crisis, not in the commitment people have towards it, nor in its own definition, but it’s difficulties have come from its own successes (and, for the record, I am glad of those successes). Its breadth of scope has been both wonderful and debilitating, as this breadth leads to feminists being unsure quite of what they stand for. With first wave feminism, it was all about the vote; with second wave feminism the focus fell upon sexual freedom, the Pill, and working conditions and equal pay. Third and fourth wave feminism has encouraged feminists’ free thinking, celebration of body image (which has factions in its own area: those for make-up and removal of body hair versus those against; those pro-grrl culture and those against), and so on. There have been backlashes, and counter blows. The sheer diversity of feminism has, for some, become its own problem. If feminism means womanhood can be celebrated in whichever way one pleases precisely because of this diversity, then all feminists should embrace such progress, not seek to undermine it. Why does feminism need only one direction? Can it be an antithesis to the ‘divide and conquer’ mentality by employing a ‘diversify and embrace’ mentality? I would like to think so. [here endeth the lecture…!]

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    • This was written as intended: a straight up comedy sketch for laughs. I wrote down all the titles for the lectures first, then worked the dialogue around her reactions taking center stage. Tamara is utterly skeptical about anything sexual or the fallacy of being in love. She really can’t understand why anyone would voluntarily submit to a man, never mind to discipline. Having a daughter just off to college, the DDlg dynamic seems very icky to her. Whether this story explores this further, I think it will, there is much to learn before Sir opens the toy box. Feminism will continue to hover like the ghost at the feast. Tamara has the attitude that she’s a feminist, but has no patience with the ‘Cause’.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Interesting – with those I have spoken to who aren’t able to get to grips with the DDlg dynamic, it’s been precisely Tamara’s reason for finding it icky that they have quoted to me. I would really love to see Sir explore this dynamic with Tamara (or, at the very least, see the story itself explore the topic).

        I think Tamara and feminism, and her difficulty in understanding submission, are going to be intriguing factors to watch. Goodness, I do hope she changes her mind about the notion of being in love as a fallacy. I think Sir has an awful lot to teach her, about a great many things.

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        • All in due time, my dear. If I write 1,000 words a week, then it would be a two-year odyssey posting to a full-length novel. Lots of time and space to explore everything.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I’m extremely glad to hear it! I shall read on diligently, and full of admiration, for two more years then… (🙄 nothing like keeping a lady waiting…)


            • good thing little girls can be little as long as they like. 2 years? then so be it. this little girl shall read on.

              Liked by 2 people

            • Well…. that depends on whether I get more ambitious, or an agent first. 🙂


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