Kismet of Submission: Episode 9

We set the book down—or ereader to one side—and scramble to find the pad of sticky notes we know was last seen in the vicinity of the desk. Feeling silly, we even call out as we search, ‘Don’t start without me!’ Finding a pen that works is even more of a challenge… somebody is getting a spanking for not organizing and restocking.

‘Well done, everyone. My name is Susan and I am a submissive squared. To me, what that means is simple. I am submissive in inclination, and submissive to my partner. I have never considered myself a doormat. Granted, I have loving binary heterosexual professional parents who raised their sons and daughters to respect and empathize with all types of people, and taught us that men and women were equal in all areas of life. It took me many years, and many relationships before I realized that submission—my submission—was not only allowed, but reflected my feminist upbringing. When I kneel at Mistress’ feet, or lay over her lap for a paddling, it is my choice, my gift to her as a submissive to give all that I am into her keeping. The words you’ve chosen to reflect your own personal understanding of submission, are neither right or wrong, merely letters to represent a current state of mind.’

Susan walks to the whiteboard and surveys the hundreds of curling squares in all shades of the rainbow. Her slender fingers ripple and dance as she traces the letters, nodding frequently. She spins gracefully, skirt belling at her feet revealing a gold chain and dainty lock adorning the right ankle. Stroking her neck, she speaks. ‘This collar matches the chain on my ankle. The lock represents Her ownership of my body from head to toe. I am collared 24/7 as a reminder that my private and public behavior is dictated by Her expectations and love. Everything I do shows respect for Her desires.

‘I noticed that many of you wrote ‘love’ on your notes. I saw ‘protection’, ‘being honest’, lots of ‘spanking’, a few ‘never’ or ‘not for me’ as well as ‘fear’ and ‘misunderstood’. So for the rest of the time we have together, I want to show from my life, and my fear, why submission can be both empowering and liberating for both men and women.’

Tamara is listening intently. Susan is so calm and confident as she speaks. Her shoulders are back, her gestures are sure and welcoming; her entire posture soothes the rough edges off the topic. Tamara’s three notes were ‘afraid’, ‘violence’ and ‘rape’. She’s glad Susan didn’t signal out her contributions, but at the same time the questions are burning holes in her brain. It’s one thing when Sir teases her and acts dominantly in some fashion, he’s a guy after all, his dick does most the thinking, but here is a woman who seems so poised and polished, and yet claiming to be a proponent of submission. It is very confusing.

Sir puts his arm around Tamara’s shoulders. She automatically stiffens, but relaxes slowly and leans over just a bit. He squeezes once in acknowledgment as they continue to listen.

What about you? The reader I mean. You picked up this novel in a bookshop or at the online behemoth. I’m sure you weren’t expecting homework, but what were your three words or phrases? Do any of them match what the audience wrote? What do you think about submission? We are bombarded with so many contrary opinions all day long that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves: To research, to experiment, to analysis data and reach a truthful conclusion. The truth of submission is that it is not for everyone. It takes more strength and honesty to submit than to dominate. We look at Sir and Tamara and wonder what will become of them. We want them to succeed because they look like us. Normal, everyday people getting through life the best they can. D/s offers a safe way to communicate desires that, left unresolved, can corrode the strongest of relationships and tear apart families.

‘My desire for submission, or shall I say, my lack of honesty towards my sexual orientation and inclination to submit, cost me two husbands. My children, grown now, accept my Mistress as normal. I came out to them when we married in a BDSM ceremony. The invitations were explicit and, to my surprise and shock, all four of them chose to attend. I almost backed out, but they explained they always suspected I was a lesbian if not a submissive. It got very emotional. It felt like a boulder had suddenly been rolled away and I could fly for the first time in my life.’

Susan wipes her eyes, many in the audience dab with fingers as well. Her smile is radiant as she flings her arms exuberantly. ‘Submission makes me happy.’ She clenches her fists, gently tapping her heart. ‘The very essence of Susan, the woman, the mother, the lover, is submission. When I submit from my core, all my actions, all my words are genuine and focused on giving my Mistress every part of me. I ache when we are apart, but I know She will always support my dreams, encourage my voice and accept my submission with love and grace knowing it is the deepest gift of my soul. Thank you for listening to me, and I will be here to answer any specific questions you might have.’

After the applause dies away, about a third of the audience lingers and gathers in a vaguely half-circular shape at the front of the room. Sir gathers the bags and stands to leave, only to have Tamara place her hand on his arm.

‘I’d like to stay a bit, if that’s okay. I have some questions for Susan.’

‘That’s cool. I’ll sit back down and wait. I have complete confidence in you.’

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