Kismet of Submission: Episode 23

Tamara doesn’t exactly feel neglected as Sir demolishes his waffles, eggs and strawberry yogurt with fruit; but his methodical refueling is timed to perfection. Check prepaid, Sir makes a quick dash to the lavatory to wash syrup off his fingers while Tamara stacks the plates and wipes down the table. Her half-eaten food is offered to go, but she declines.

Back in the car, it’s only a few minutes to the convention center and Sir continues to concentrate in silence. He does however, while waiting at a light to cross the divided highway leading to the parking garage, reach over, take her hand and gently massage her tense fingers.

Just before the light turns green, he gives her a long look with an ever-widening smile and a sharp laugh at the end.

Tamara feels a jolt at the junction of her thighs. Her hot bottom has turned into a deep muscle soreness that has worked its way around front. She’s not sure how to interpret his gestures and expression, but her pussy has made up its mind. It wants Sir in the worst way and it intends to get him.

No matter how many decades have passed since the Sexual Revolution, or magazines devoted to female empowerment; dating apps that allow women to swipe and hookup on a moment’s notice, an aroused woman who seduces a man is still labeled “Slut”. Too many women feel that to ask — to demand — sexual satisfaction, is somehow playing the whore and, although roleplaying can unlock the libido, at least temporarily, guilt often comes rushing back in after the comes have faded. Tamara is being whipsawed by her past: the memories harsh and accusatory. Nothing good will ever come of spreading your legs, girl, you’ll always be trash.

‘Sir? You don’t have to answer this right now, but I wanted to know if you thought I was submissive.’

He nods in acknowledgement. Pulling into a vacant slot on the lower level, he pops the trunk and jerks his head at her to join him at the rear.

‘These are my supplies for the meet-and-greet.’ He hands her the lightest bag, slams the deck lid, and locks the car. ‘Ready?’

‘I guess so. What do you want me to do,’ she asks as she hustles to keep up with his long strides.

He gives her another one of his shit-eating grins. ‘I told you. You’re eye candy.’

Tamara rolls her eyes at his smug masculinity.

Sir quickly transfers several bags to his left arm, and using his now unencumbered right hand, swats her twice on her butt.

‘Ouch!’ She skips ahead out of the reach of his stinging palm. ‘Are you going to do that all the time?’

He swiftly catches up and grabs her ass right between her thighs, her skirt bunching in his fist and riding up.

‘Sir! Somebody will see.’ Tamara almost orgasms feeling his fingers probing through the cotton fabric seeking her bare wet pussy.

‘I like you commando, Tamara,’ Sir chuckles with wicked glee.

Her reply is grumpy. ‘You would, since you’re obviously a pervert. I bet you have a raincoat to flash with in your car.’

He gives her one last lingering pat as he bursts out laughing. ‘And you have to ask whether or not I think you are submissive?’

‘It’s a fair question, Sir,’ she shoots back with noticeable heat. ‘I need to know what I’m in for if I decide to give in to your demands.’

The elevator ride up to the main floor is swift, not so Sir’s answer. His face is very serious. ‘Tamara, discussing submission and dominance takes a lifetime and is constantly changing. At its core, either you can submit or dominate, or you are submissive or dominant.’ The doors slide open and they walk towards the display area. Despite the early hour — it’s barely past seven a.m., there is a sustained caffeine-fueled buzz emanating from the scores of vendors, authors and maintenance personnel scurrying about. ‘Being submissive does not mean giving in.’

‘Then what does it mean, Sir,’ Tamara interrupts with a frustrated scowl.

‘Ah. Here’s our table.’ He sets the bags down, and plucks the one he gave to Tamara off her shoulder. ‘First thing, in that blue tote there is a tablecloth. Take it out, give it a good shake and lay it over the table. We’ll adjust it as needed.’

Tamara immediately dives into the tote and follows his instructions. ‘Pink? With flowers and unicorns?’

‘Almost all my readers are women, and this is a good icebreaker.’ He maneuvers the fabric until it is even; the centerpiece is a reproduction of a painting.

‘What’s that?’ she points at the woman holding a unicorn.

‘That’s Young Woman with Unicorn, by Raphael. He painted it around 1506.’

‘Hmm. What’s next?’

‘There are clips in the blue tote as well. Use those to secure the edges of the tablecloth together.’

She snaps a clip. It makes a sharp ‘cracking’ noise. ‘I can think of a few uses for these.’

Sir gives her a smoldering stare. ‘Me too. You, spread-eagled, nipples and labia clipped, me with a riding crop snapping you all over.’

Tamara almost self-combusts: her upper thighs are soaked. As she squats down to attach the corners, Sir joins her at the side of the table, hidden from the aisle.

He reaches into a red canvas carryall. ‘Luckily for you,’ pressing his hand up under her skirt, ‘I brought a towel.’ He wipes her thighs and strokes her back and forth between her parted legs.

This time, she can’t hold back. Her orgasm rips through her body. She drops the clip in her fingers, and falls forward onto her palms. The carpet is rough beneath her hands. When the towel withdraws, she mourns.

Sir claps his hands. ‘Chop, chop, Tamara, no dawdling now, time is wasting. I am sure they vacuumed down there overnight, but thanks for checking.’

Tamara’s butt is throbbing, her pulse is racing and she mutely obeys Sir’s non-stop commands as he completes the setup. When it’s ready, he nods with satisfied pursued lips and pulls her into a tight hug. ‘Yes, Tamara, I do think you are a submissive. It is up to you whether or not you want to be submissive’

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