You too can own Stephanie for your own

Hope everyone — in America — survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Today is Cyber Monday, and what better way to celebrate the occasion with a purchase of, The Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie, for yourself or a loved one. That’s right, Stephanie, the complete novella, is now available to purchase for your ereader device.

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When Stephanie crashes (quite literally) into the life of Ross, high flying exec in the fashion world and eligible bachelor, she is stupefied he wants her as his. Under Ross’ tutelage, as Brat to his Sir, she learns that she can be spanked for more than just being naughty! And Ross — he discovers there’s much more to Stephanie than just her submissive need to be disciplined, as he falls more and more in love. A brilliantly funny, light-hearted, spanking erotic romance novella by Byron Cane, with memorable characters and a beautiful love story interwoven into the sexiness, lending a contemporary twist to the princess fairy tale.

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The Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie, began as a modern updated tribute to The Perils of Pauline. It is a slightly satirical send up of both the contemporary spanking scene, and popular culture’s fascination with kink through the guise of both D/s and D/D. The novella is meant to be funny, corny, sprinkled with numerous touchstones and sly wordplay, while simultaneously weaving a constant serious spanking story line that turns romantic and erotic with a HEA ending.

The first part of the novella details the spankings Stephanie receives in various settings by her neighbors and boss. These are not always graphically described, but are rather the result of Stephanie’s hapless bumbling into situations requiring discipline. A third of the way through the novella, she meets Ross at a restaurant party hosted by her boss. The sparks (and spanks) fly between them, and Ross finds himself scrambling to keep up with the vivacious and mischievous Stephanie. Before the week is out, through both discipline and erotic spankings, they fall deeply in love with each other, and Ross’ firm hand. Each chapter builds upon the previous story line as various supporting characters reveal their own kinky backgrounds. In the end, everyone is satisfied, and Ross sexually claims Stephanie for his own.

On a personal note, I want to offer my thanks to Ina Morata, owner, editor and publisher of Clarian Press. Without her expertise in editing, Stephanie wouldn’t be the quality book it is now. When I wrote the first episode back in July, 2016 for Wicked Wednesday, I never imagined that the flash fiction post would wind up being a novella. So you thank you, Ina, and thank you readers for your loyalty and support.

P.S. As the author, I’ve probably read Stephanie dozens of times. Yet, the ending chapters always make me cry in happiness. I love, love this story and am extremely proud to offer this novella to you.