Falling shards of Memory

we fell,
like ripe plums the color of a bruised heart left to rot
in resentment
thirty years since
we tumbled
into lust with the hubris of youth stoked with weed
the only sentient beings ever to discover
parts fit perfectly
until we blew apart like a super heated nova
of jealousy and grade point averages
all around people swirl like bees
dancing in a hive
come and go hauling wobbly pieces of themselves
from gate to plane back to reality
shining livery adorned with emerald and ruby
jewels winking in the soft summer air
of remembrance and recognition
the lope and the bounce
mind recoils seeing the bodies and faces
of long lost friends
lined with life like a faded treasure map
of retired pirates
not unlike the expressions ignored daily
in the mirror of time
we embrace
her first the taut curves softened yet hands
provide tactile memory of bottom over knee
reddened flesh bouncing under brush
gentle social hug ignites fire kept banked
his body next wider somehow shorter but still tight
the quirked lip and sparkled eyes unchanged
like tissue paper boats
the intervening years dissolve to when we girls
compared marks and orgasms
slaves to his devious dominance
we chat
introduce my husband pulse racing his gaze both
knowing and concerned tinged with hurt
it was supposed to be simple
but meeting old flames threatened to undo me
I surrendered
after dinner explained to him who they were and
why after three decades the pull was still strong
they met and talked while we nattered about
our kids and menopause and gravity
summoned to their room
two strong men awaited
grim demanding explanations
we stammered
they laughed and slapped each others backs
then ordered us to our knees
online for years planned our submission
and discipline in secret
devious Doms are the worst
and the best
we sucked
hard cocks jutting from jeans
arms behind our backs
cuffed and swapped
groaning as our hair fisted
and mouths filled with thick cream
ass up as they flog me
my tongue buried in familiar pussy
the taste makes me cry for wasted years
they hug me
we fuck
in every combination that four can conjure
the steady roar of jets slowly fade as the world sleeps
decide to blow off the reunion
in favor of room service and debauched sex
of willing slaves
we grin

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        1. No, not at all Nora. It means that WordPress put your original comment into spam instead of approving it. It happens occasionally to everyone, but if you have commented elsewhere and the comment didn’t show up, contact the blogger and ask them to check the spam folder.

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          1. Thank you so much for this information! I have noticed that some of my comments are not showing up on blogs. How do I check my own spam folder?


            1. That depends on your theme. If it’s an older theme that has a WP Admin/Dashboard, you click on ‘spam queue’ in the ‘At a Glance’ box to the top left. If your theme doesn’t have an Admin page, then I think when you are on the ‘My Site’ page with the toolbar on the left hand side, you have to click ‘Insights’ on the top where it says ‘Days Months Years’. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Comments’ in the bottom center and click your name. You’ll then see across the top ‘Comments’ and underneath ‘All Pending Approved Spam Trash’. If Pending or Spam shows anything but [0] then click and either delete or approve.

              WordPress is doing away with the Admin Dashboard and it makes things harder not easier.

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            2. In my spam box, I actually only had one comment from a fellow blogger that wasn’t spam and I was able to get that comment to show up. But, there isn’t anything I can do to make my own comments show up on the blogs of others, correct (if they have been marked as spam)?


            3. No, unfortunately, once WordPress marks your comment as spam, the other blogger has to be the one to un-spam and approve. Other than sending an email or trying comment again or on another post, there is nothing you can do. I’ve been on WordPress for 10 years and even I get caught once in awhile. On the other hand, I’m approaching 2,000 spam comments caught on this blog, so the system works very well.


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