Best of my various and sundry writings about spanking

This page contains a number of posts that I consider a best of Lurv Spanking. There are links to fiction, poetry and essays. {Please note, this page is undergoing construction and will be updated often.}

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For the serial Kismet of Submission, click here.

Fiction links:
1. “An Office Thrashing”, One of the curious characteristics of a spanko is the slow and somewhat creepy way the desire becomes an obsession.
2. “Beating up your inner feminist”, I suppose y’all think I’m a beaten down, trailer trash, crack smoking barefoot and pregnant whore for wanting to be whipped, but I ain’t.
3. “The Blind Date”, Mary woke the morning after the night she never wanted to end. Robert – the blind date – had called precisely at 7:30 pm and she, being a woman, was not ready.
4. “You may now spank the bride”, In the tiny hamlet of Whipping-Hollow-On-Butterbum-Reach however, there was a very different ritual performed on the rare occasion of Holy Matrimony betwixt and blushing maiden and an untried boy.
5. “Active Submission”, A cool downdraft catches the burgundy-wine curtains. The sudden snap of cotton makes me jump.
6. “Home Spanking Party”, “There is nothing quite as artistically pleasing as a bare bottom over a knee.”
7. “Armistice Day”, On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 1918 World War I came to an end with an armistice involving nearly all the warring parties.
8. “Spanking by mail order”, She found instead, the loss of her maidenhead and the serenity of over the knee.
9. “Summer at the lake”, A place of firsts: first love, first kiss, first orgasm from another, first acceptance of self-identity.
10. “Is Spanking Sex?”, Resting in the small of his wife’s back was a medium size paddle – appeared to be leather – and underneath the paddle, another note.
11. “Ruined for Billy Joel”, He had an appartamento near the docks where he worked as a stivatore, run by the Mafia, slipping cargo past customs, cigarettes and girls from the Balkans.
12. “Outlaw in leather”, To paraphrase the sentiment—wine, women and song—she liked rough whiskey, rougher men and heavy metal.
13. “Exchanging Spanking Vows”, The Story of ‘A’ she’d been dubbed and most of her now former friends were long gone from her life.
14. “Promises, promises”, … her ass would be as red as the raspberry filling in the glazed donuts.
15. “Corner of Main and Eternity”, Over stained dominoes and dog-eared cards they argue; each retelling set in marble effigies to a dark past none of them knew firsthand.
16. “Take this woman”, I have to also say, I was not drunk, nor coerced. Maybe I overreacted, but I have no regrets.
17. “An arresting figure”, The Sheriff of Nottingham was an unhappy soul. Robin Red Arse and his merry band of spankos were wreaking havoc on the King’s Men.
18. “Black Holes Tango”, Lolo Black raised her tankard high, enthusiastically belting out the lyrics to Black Holes and a Ship called Desire—the unofficial anthem of the space station Delphi Blue.
19. Were Warriors Lusty Quest, So—a toad, a frog and a gecko hop into a tavern.
20. “Verily I say to thou, pluck thy mote from thine eyes”, Taylor lay on her back, Madison’s cheek resting on her dewy breast, fingers entwined on her pubis,
21. “Too late when night falls”, I’m having a nightmare. I know this because I’m screaming.
22. “Inexhaustable Smorgasbord”, A vibration shook the front right pocket of my black linen trousers.
23. “Bursting in mid-thought”, Barbara Baxter—Bubbles to her friends, including her husband—was an effervescent blonde;
24. “In case of emergency”, “Daddy? Do we have time to go shopping there?”
25. “The shoot at Memory Lane”, “My mind’s made up, missy. We’re doing this. The time for discussion is over,”
26. “A long overdue birthday spanking”, “This is so romantic darling. Just you and I, alone, together, by ourselves, all is quiet…”
27. “You hear the one about the caned wife?”, She’d burst into my office like a fuzzy gin; all rounded and bristling like a hedgehog,
28. “Not all baggage is bad”, “La valise en échange pour une performance.” My stomach grumbled. “Et un repas.”
29A. “The care and feeding of submissiveness”, “I have some grilled small potatoes, mashed with a garlic cream sauce, and wild salmon seared with grape seed oil and citrus peel.”
29B. “Coffee Klatch was never like this”, “I’m sorry, Dominic. I didn’t mean to fall apart like that.” Vittoria smiled tremulously, wiping her wet lashes. “Forgive me?”

Poetry links:
1. “Happily Married”, I used to practice monogamy
until that fateful day, it caught my stunned eye, should have run away…
2. “twisted path through sexual maze”, admonished to follow your heart, young girl grew up with silver screen princesses, …
3. “When you find the one…”, in spring meadows, dance with me, budding blossoms, throb with bees…
4. “Bottoms Up”, walking her wool slacks molded her bottom…
5. “The Princess and the Paddle”, the banners waved all over town, proclaiming the duel about to go down…
6. “Too soon, it’s over”, The sound of a spanking, is so delightful…
7. “Tear me a new one”, I bask in your respect
admire the flowers you buy…
8. “Honey Dew”, red lips pout, glistening with slick dew, thighs flex…
9. “Mosh pit equations”, …the thermonuclear passion glowed between them, the gut wrenching arousal pureed with hate and ennui,…
10. “Falling shards of Memory”, we fell, like ripe plums the color of a bruised heart left to rot in resentment…
11. “chalk beneath my feet”, … sore bottom and tender thighs…
12. “But Master! You know everything!”, Do I? Is that what your training has led you to?
13. “It wasn’t always like this”, clouds of polar bear killing exhaust
coat the sooty snow

Essay links:
1. “I trust you”, If the answer ‘I trust you’ comes in response for a request to be spanked, then she/he clearly believes the partner understands the parameters.
2. “He’s sick”, Perhaps if sex-ed treated ‘fetishes’ as within the normal range of sexual behavior and not something dark and deviant, there would be more happy spanking marriages and less divorce.
3. “For couples seeking spanking”, For those that believe a M/s or any D/s relationship grows spontaneously, communication is the key in both directions. Anything else is merely abuse.
4. “A guide to giving Therapeutic Spankings for couples”, A therapeutic spanking is never, ever punishment and if after a session, the person receiving therapy feels punished then the spanker has fucked up big time and needs to do damage control immediately.
5. “Psychological Preparation for a Spanking”, An important part of Dominance is the preparation for scenes.
6. “Can a submissive woman still be called a feminist?”, If a woman believes her body, her sexual responses and her mind all belong to her and is equal to a man, then she has the right to choose any activity she enjoys.
7. “Do spankings improve your complexion?” , Such strange thoughts chase through your mind when bent over waiting for the first blow.
8. “Submission without consent or choice is abuse”, My contention has always been that a submissive woman is a feminist because she is able and willing to choose submission on her own terms.
9. “Break a Little”, For those in D/s relationships, spanking sits front and center as the means to break through old hurts, to change patterns and behaviors that are harmful to self and others and break down the barriers we learn to erect as broken children.
10. “The Submissive Mindset: What is it and how to reach it.”,Be the void where thoughts are soap bubbles drifting in morning mist.
11. “Transgender ban versus science”, I doubt very much if the issue changed many minds, but it certainly solidified my support for transgender rights.
12. Essays from A-Z, About the often negative words and attitudes used to describe BDSM. Listed in reverse order, scroll down through the alphabet.