Kismet of Submission: All Episodes

Tamara meets a man at her place of work. He tells her he’s a spanko. For reasons that are unclear to her—considering her abusive past—she decides to follow him. This story, of undetermined length, will cover topics such as spanking, submission, dominance, politics, religion, abusive pasts, drug and alcohol use, sex, and anything else that pops up. The story will be told from three perspectives: His, Hers and Omnipresent. The episodes will be around 1,000 words and will be sequential.

“Episode 1”: subtitled ‘Some times, that’s all it takes’
“Episode 2”: subtitled ‘What makes a spanko tick’
“Episode 3”: subtitled ‘Spanking a woman is as natural as breathing’
“Episode 4”: subtitled ‘Don’t you know anything about women?’
“Episode 5”: subtitled ‘No hard feelings either way’
“Episode 6”: subtitled ‘Good anal is not like drilling for oil’
“Episode 7”: subtitled ‘You’re awful cocky, Sir.’
“Episode 8”: subtitled ‘Submission: not just for doormats anymore.’
“Episode 9”: subtitled ‘Submission makes me happy.’
“Episode 10”: subtitled ‘How did you know you were submissive?’
“Episode 11”: subtitled ‘Everyone knows the end hangs down, Sir!’
“Episode 12”: subtitled ‘I’ll only spank you if I lift your skirt.’
“Episode 13”: subtitled ‘I’d rather have a come.’
“Episode 14”: subtitled ‘How about we both flee for some pizza.’
“Episode #15”: subtitled ‘This feels like a date, Sir.’