Is spanking sex?

An adult story about spanking, sex and bad words read with caution

Dear Paul,

I realize after fifteen years of marriage, this will come as a great surprise to you, but I have a favor to ask. When you get home from work today, please go upstairs to our bedroom. I’ll be waiting.



Paul found the note when he opened his case at the office. He almost rang her up, but then the day got hectic and although he didn’t actually forget the cryptic message, he fantasized about what favor she would request. Paul thought their sex life was adequate and they’d tried nearly everything at least once. Amanda had never voiced any complaints and seemed content. The drive home seemed shorter than usual and Paul fairly bounced up to the master suite. To find, a very ‘great surprise’.

Picture a husband opening the bedroom door expecting to see his wife in say… slinky lingerie, maybe one of his button-down shirts, a mask, a lacy thong, anything within the ordinary. What Paul saw was Amanda, a nude Amanda bent face down over the footboard whilst kneeling on bolsters, thus placing her wide bottom uppermost. Her torso supported by pillows allowing her breasts to brush the bedspread with her hard nipples. Legs were lightly spread open at the calves, just enough to trap a pair of bright red panties. Resting in the small of his wife’s back was a medium size paddle – appeared to be leather – and underneath the paddle, another note.

Dear Paul,

As you may have guessed – you are a very smart man – your wife needs a favor. I want you to spank me. With your hand, this leather paddle I bought online and anything else you may decide to utilize. Before you say anything to me, please, as your loving partner of fifteen years, I ask you spank me once with your hand for each of those wonderful years. After that, I will answer the burning questions I know you have.



Paul smiled wryly and stood to the left of his kneeling wife. He raised his hand and gave a tentative smack. There was no reaction from Amanda, so he spanked her again and again. Moving from cheek to cheek it was only a matter of some seconds to spank her fifteen times. So light were his spanks her bottom was unmarked.

“So Amanda, what brought this on?”

Amanda remained in her prone position and answered her husband’s question without turning her head to see his expression. “I’ve been reading about spanking recently and more specifically about spanking in marriages.”

“And you decided it was something to try?”

“Yes sir.”

“Fair enough. But you do understand my trepidation?”

“Yes sir. I do. I know it must seem very strange to you to spank me, a woman who deals with domestic violence on a daily basis at the shelter. It’s very hard to explain my feelings Paul, but bending over like this, knowing you can see everything and can take me in whichever hole you choose, is very, very arousing to me.”

“Interesting. So spanking is… foreplay?”

“I think so. Certainly the knowledge you’d be home tonight and see me like this has had me on edge for weeks. I thought about how it would feel and rather than spank myself, I wanted to give you the first whack so to speak.”

“So how many whacks and how hard and what exactly do you expect from me?”

“Can we take it slow? Maybe spank me for a minute and then see how it feels?”

Paul took her at her word and spanked her for a minute. Amanda’s bottom was now the faintest hint of pink, but she was frustrated at how tender Paul was being with his blows.

“Paul? You can spank me much harder. I promise I won’t be upset with you. Please?”

Paul hesitated for a moment. This was the woman who adamantly refused to ‘obey’ in the wedding vows. Who kept her name and had separate bank accounts. The woman who marched in every protest: who worked for Hillary Clinton in the campaign. He was having a hard time reconciling that woman with the one draped over the king size bed.

“OK honey. Here’s another minute spanking you harder.”

This time the sound clearly echoed off the walls as Paul laid into his wife’s quivering bottom with gusto. He figured if he spanked her hard enough, she’d change her mind and they could get on with sex. The last twenty seconds were a barrage of spanks as hard and as fast as he could make them.

When he stopped, he rubbed his hand over her blushing cheeks, the redness now brighter and he was surprised to feel how warm the flesh had become. Amanda crooned as his hand explored her bottom and she arched even higher, waggling her hips to entice his hand lower. When Paul dipped into her crevice and underneath, he was shocked to find her dripping wet. A simple touch to her open slit had her groaning and Paul was all set to strip down and plunge in deep from behind.

“Please wait sir. I need more. The paddle, use the paddle.”

The pleading tone in Amanda’s voice was something he’d not heard in years and picking up the paddle and rubbing it across her bottom had Amanda moaning in anticipation. Paul raised the paddle and bounced it off one cheek.


Another blow to the other cheek followed.


Paul continued, sometimes fast and sometimes, long pauses between blows. He watched utterly fascinated as Amanda’s hips gyrated in wide circles. She thrust her hips up so high he could clearly see the dampness on her upper thighs and the pulsing of her anus. She urged him on to paddle her harder with pleas and sighs until her bottom was a bright, even red.

She whimpered when he stopped, complaining until he rammed his rock hard cock all the way to her cervix. His pelvis slapped her sore bottom and she screamed out her first orgasm. He grabbed her waist pulling her back and forth violently using her sopping cunt to fuck his cock. As they fucked, the redness on her bottom slowly faded and Paul, seized by the moment, suddenly pulled out and began spanking Amanda again with his hand. She squealed and raised herself up on her arms, moving her bottom back to meet the blows.

“Use the paddle again Paul. Use it between my cheeks. Please!!!!”

She collapsed on her face, reaching back to spread her hot bottom as wide as she could. There was just enough room between her fingers for Paul to use the handle on her crack. He carefully smacked her and she screamed.

“Oh that stings!”

“Do you want another?”

“Yes sir! Right on my naughty butt-hole!”

Paul raised an eyebrow but spanked her sharply on her naughty butt-hole. He wondered if his wife would treat him to some anal next and he was quite happy when after ten stinging blows to Amanda’s anus, she wanted more.

“Oh Paul. My butt-hole is numb and feels so tender. Fuck it. Fuck my ass! Punish that naughty ass for being a slutty girl.”

Paul fucked her pussy first for some lubrication and when he tried in insert a wet finger or two, Amanda stopped him.

“Just ram your cock into my ass Paul. Make it hurt!”

Her rectum was so tight and hot it was impossible to ram in, but steady pressure with a single thrust had Paul buried to his balls in Amanda’s ass. The tightness, her crying with the pain, the heat of her spanked bottom all combined to have Paul unloading within minutes.

Amanda’s fingers were a blur as she rubbed her clit and came after Paul was softening in her sore ass.

Later when they had cleaned up and had dinner, Amanda and Paul talked late into the night. Amanda made it very clear that for her, spanking was a sexual act and she had no desire to have a disciplined marriage. If you are ever in the mood Paul, put me over your knee, pull down my panties and spank my bottom until I demand to deep throat your cock.

“You mean like this?”

Once more the echoes of spanks and a pleasured woman filled the bedroom.

Why would anybody want a spanking?

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

“Because it’s fun.”
“Yes, fun.”
“Having you spank my ass is going to be fun?”
“For both of us.”
“I’m the spankee right?”
“Yes, but it’s still fun to be spanked.”
“Have you been spanked before?”
“And was it fun?”
“Didn’t it hurt?”
“Yes. That’s the fun part.”
“The pain of the spanking is the fun part?”
“Yes. Plus the soreness afterwards.”
“That doesn’t sound like much fun to me.”
“The more sore you are after the more fun it was.”
“You are crazy.”
“Yes. So, can I spank you now?”
“Check please!”

So what happens next in this story? Spanking yes or no?

You may have noticed that there is very little actual spanking in my stories. That’s because I am intrigued by the interest people take in the art of spanking. It’s punishment, discipline, maintenance, sensual, sexual, domination and submission all centered around the bottom. But why? Why does it have such a hold over our psyches?

Discipline is needed

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

“Passion comes in all forms”

Willing reluctant feet to move, she raised a quivering hand to rap on the sturdy oak door. The gruff ‘Enter!’ nearly sent her fleeing back to her room. Reluctantly she opened the door, sweaty hands clutching the document. Seating behind his desk, her father raised an eyebrow at his twenty-year old daughter’s attire. Dressed as a schoolgirl, pleated skirt, crisp blouse and his regimental tie she appeared much younger and very nervous. ‘Good morning Sir.’ Confused her father said, ‘Since when am I ‘Sir’ to you Princess?’ Before she completely lost her nerve, his trembling daughter confessed her inner most desires. ‘You never spanked me as a child Sir and I appreciate your compassion and understanding of my willful ways. It would have been easy to punish me with blows. I know I deserved a good thrashing on many occasions. I also know you spank mother and have for as long as I can remember.’ Her father stirred uncomfortably in his leather chair, the conversation taking a disturbing turn. He was about to dismiss his clearly overwrought daughter when the door swung open to reveal his smiling wife. ‘Have you told him yet darling?’ Her daughter shook her head, courage bolstered by her mother’s support. ‘You told me Sir when I reached the age of twenty I could ask for any single thing of you and if it was within your power, you would grant my boon. This document I have in my hand is my latest uni transcript.’ Her father read the paper, all top marks and glowing reviews. ‘I fail to see any grounds for discipline Princess. I am very, very proud of you.’ His daughter basked in his love and praise. She felt her mother squeeze her hand in support. ‘I thank you Sir. I thank you both for raising me to be the young woman I am today. My boon Sir is that you teach me to be as my mother. I wish to submit to my husband and have the marriage of respect you share. As a reward for my marks I crave you give me six of the best and begin my journey into adulthood.’ He stood, paced round to the two most important women in his life; kissed his wife soundly on the mouth and his daughter on her brow. ‘I would be honored Princess to guide you into proper submission. We both are honored you have chosen your parents as your role models. Assume the position Princess, raise your skirt and lower your knickers to your knees. You will receive six of the best with your mother’s own special cane and you will count and thank me for each and every one.’ She complied, no longer nervous, no longer a child, but poised on the cusp of her new life as a contented and taken woman.

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Why did I marry a wimp?

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

Another lazy Sunday and another lazy bum sprawled out in her living room. Hands down his unzipped pants, empty beer cans scattered everywhere. ‘The little woman’ cleaning up after his worthless friends! Fuck him! Fuck his bald head and his limp cock! I’m tired of your stupid pathetic shit! I’m finding myself a real man!

*Cut to a fa-fa-chi-chi theme restaurant with a bar*

“What’s a woman with your rounded assets doing in a dump like this?”

Tall. Check
Hair. Check
Real Hair. Double Check
Clean nails. Check
Smile. Check

“Not looking for trouble that’s for sure. I keep expecting the servers to burst into show tunes at any time.”

“I’m Mario.”

“I’m horny.”

*Cut to an anonymous hotel room with soundproof walls and a mini-bar*

Sweaty. Check
Manly Sweat. Check
Agile tongue. Double Check
Thick Cock. Yummy Check
Gives Multiple Orgasms. He’s a keeper Check
Picking up his belt! Rolling me over? A pillow under my hips?



Yes, I’m a naughty milf. Check
Spankings. Check
I am so calling a lawyer. Check
As soon as he stops whipping my ass that is. Double Check
Not a Wimp. Check

Is it all about the pain?

An adult poem about spanking, read with caution

“Too soon, it’s over”

The sound of a spanking
is so delightful
crisp smacks
yelps and welts
harder, faster
slower, longer
the pain hurts
no matter the manner
it hurts
cries and sighs
yet after
when the spanking finally stops
the ache
the need for more
the need for more pain
is it all about the pain
what would be better
a hard, fast beating of five minutes
or a long, gentle spanking
for an hour
over a knee
begging for more
slowly building
the burn
while the timer
clicks away
in front of your pleading eyes
minute by minute
too fast
even for an hour
two would be better
three would be perfect
better yet
spank me forever
so I can feel
the ache

Submission is about trust

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

When she was younger, spanking was something to be avoided at all costs. Too often though, over momma’s lap she’d go for a session with the ‘attitude adjuster’ aka the Fuller Brush. More serious offenses merited a strapping with daddy’s razor strop. But for her these spankings were no fun and non-consensual. She swore when she grew up, married and had children, her children would never face the humiliation and fear of a parental beating.

For the most part she succeeded as a spanking-free parent, although a couple of swats with a wooden spoon could hardly be called a spanking. As the children grew, she reveled in a job well done and thought smugly to herself that her parents had been wrong to spank her. Then came the day of the accident. She was out shopping, bumped into a friend, had lunch, a couple of margaritas and next thing you know; the car was wrapped around a tree.

She was fine, a few bruises, the car totaled, but the biggest damage was to her marriage. Her husband was a romantic, hands-on father and all around good guy who treated her and their children with respect and dignity. But after the drunk driving accident he withdrew, no longer sure of who his wife was. She realized for too many years she had coasted on his accomplishments, being the ‘wife of’ was all she thought she ever wanted. She had in fact turned into her mother – minus the spankings -and it made her unhappy.

Unhappier still was the curt treatment from her husband. The legal troubles were still another issue, because despite no one being hurt and insurance paying for the damages, there had been stepped-up enforcement of under the influence laws and she was being threatened with possible jail time of up to a year. When she and her husband went before the judge, they pleaded for no jail time citing family needs at home. She took full responsibility for her actions and vowed to do whatever it took to regain the trust of society and her family.

When the judge asked what her parents would have done had she been drunk as a teen, she blushed bright red and admitted she wouldn’t have sat down for a week. He asked her husband if he’d ever spanked his wife for misbehavior. Of course not, why would I do that to a modern woman? The judge replied because it will keep her out of jail. The court will consider suspending sentence if your wife agrees to atone for her actions by submitting to what her parents would have given her under the same circumstances.

She didn’t have to think long. A spanking, no matter how hard or how humiliating was nothing compared to a spell in jail. She agreed before her husband could even speak. He was unhappy with the situation but a spanking would seem to be the lesser of two evils. He agreed as well and asked how exactly the spanking would occur. The judge said you will spank your wife with whatever implements she received as a child. Bring them and yourselves back to court in three days. We will use my chambers as I will need to verify the severity of the punishment.

She was mortified and he was angry, but not at the judge; angry at his wife for dragging him into this unseemly affair through her careless actions. He called her parents when they returned from court and explained the judge’s ruling. They were delighted to tell him all about the brush and strap that had painted their daughter’s naughty bottom bright red on many occasions. In fact, they still had both implements and would be very happy to bring them over to the house the next day. Which they did, along with detailed instructions on their usage. They even offered to watch the children while their daughter had her day in court.

The judge met them in his chambers and told them he’d had a change of heart. He didn’t want to be seen as a lech but he was so tired of people not owning up to their responsibilities. He really didn’t want to send a mother to jail, but what choice did he have? She told the judge and her husband that she would own up to her error in judgment. If that meant jail time, then so be it, but she requested that the spanking proceed as previously agreed. My parents told my husband to thrash me ‘hard and long until I squeal’ and I intend to honor their wishes. My husband doesn’t want to spank me though. I am willing, but he is not.

The judge asked her husband if he was afraid to spank his wife. Not afraid to spank, afraid to hurt. I’m so angry that I might not stop. She said to the judge, where were you planning to have me presented for my spanking? Over this leather chair, I believe it is the correct height for you if you bend over the back and place your hands on the seat. She tried it and it did fit, but padding was needed to cushion her stomach. She nodded and said, Your Honor, will you be the observer and instruct my husband on the proper means of spanking? I sense you have some expertise in the field. I’d be pleased to instruct your husband so that he doesn’t overdo the punishment.

With that, to the shock of the men, she swiftly dropped her dress to reveal a naked body underneath. She folded her dress and knelt humbly before her husband. Sir, I damaged more than the car with my thoughtless actions. I damaged your trust and belief in me. I will bend over the chair and you will spank me for as hard and as long as the judge sees fit. Submission is about trust my love and I trust you to spank me and bring healing back to our marriage. I’m ready now. She draped herself over the chair waiting anxiously for the remembered kiss of the hairbrush and the sting of the strap. Please spank me hard husband. Make sure I pay the proper price for my stupidity with a meaningful chastisement.

She heard the judge and her husband moving behind her and softly whispered instructions. As the tentative first swats grew firmer and her bottom slowly warmed up, she settled herself down for a long and painful session. Unseen to both men, she smiled with gratitude. She was home at last. Pain after all was fleeting, but trust was forever.

Slaves in bondage

FFF#5 at The Daily Toast is based on this picture here and should be a drabble of exactly 100 words.

Some scars didn’t show. Posed for profit, exposed flesh winced with each new prop. Slowly stripped of her clothes, her dignity and her identity, her life was taken away. For Natasha, not what she expected when answering the advert for ‘Servers wanted in clubs throughout Western Europe’ only to find herself trafficked into sex slavery. The police captain pulled back the sheet and compared the girl’s features to the photograph he held. The face was identical: the dead eyes holding the whip were now dead for real. He replaced the sheet and left the morgue: just another whore after all.

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    After Amsterdam and Berlin, Tokyo was her favorite place to explore the latest in technological sexuality. Unlike in Europe though, in Japan she would always be gaijin, and the locals off limits to her needs. On the crowded streets of Ginza she felt the stares and heard the unspoken contempt, Go back to where you came from, which was something it had in common with America. She was too tall, too confident, too yellow and most of all, too female. She channeled the perceived insults into taboo actions.
    It was a tired and bitter Emily that touched down ten hours later in a San Francisco of bone-chilling damp and a watery rising sun. She needed a hard session at the Armory before returning to work on Monday. Her slave had better be ready to grovel and be pussy-whipped.

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    It is 1854 in steampunk London, and Sir Nachton MacRath is warily returning to his home isle after decades abroad. He has good reasons to steer clear of the Royal Family, but is immediately snared by the Queen herself, who anoints him, Her Chastiser of Loose Morals, complete with elevation to the upper reaches of the aristocracy. Rather than a quiet existence as a vampire, he is now a Peer uneasily rubbing shoulders with the most powerful men in the Empire.

    Phoebe Hayward is a lady of good breeding, but like all her contemporaries, longs for some excitement and romance. Valentine’s Day is only weeks away, when their paths cross with a bump. Despite later discovering the man ordered to discipline her is actually a vampire, she can’t help falling in love. The more encounters with Sir MacRath she has, the more her body yearns to know what it is to submit to his vampiric touch. When he reluctantly agrees to be her Valentine, thus begins a Domination and discipline the likes of which she’s never dreamed.

    MacRath doesn’t feel he deserves Phoebe’s love, and attempts to push her away by taking her deeper into sexual submission. She surprises him — and herself — by eagerly submitting to his every desire. Together, they explore the sensual heights that a woman and a man — a vampire — can reach. But politics and conflict are never far away, and the Valentine’s Day deadline comes all too soon.

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    When Stephanie crashes (quite literally) into the life of Ross, high flying exec in the fashion world and eligible bachelor, she is stupefied he wants her as his. Under Ross’ tutelage, as Brat to his Sir, she learns that she can be spanked for more than just being naughty! And Ross — he discovers there’s much more to Stephanie than just her submissive need to be disciplined, as he falls more and more in love.
    A brilliantly funny, light-hearted, spanking erotic romance novella by Byron Cane, with memorable characters and a beautiful love story interwoven into the sexiness, lending a contemporary twist to the princess fairy tale.

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