Shortcuts: Emoticon and Color Text Codes

All right!!!! Everyone knows that a smiley face is a colon then a right parentheses. 🙂

A wink is a semi-colon and right parentheses. 😉
A frown is a colon and a left parentheses. 😦

A colon and capitol P is this. 😛
A colon and capitol D is this. 😀
Laughing is colon then lol then colon. 😆

Puzzled is a colon then question mark. 😕
Open mouthed is colon then lower case o. 😮

Googly eyed is an eight then capitol O. 😯
Rolling eyes is colon then roll then colon. 🙄

Blushing is colon then oops then colon. 😳
Lightbulb is colon then idea then colon. 💡

Red eyes is colon then twisted then colon. 😈
Crying is colon then cry then colon. 😥

No smile is colon then vertical line. 😐

Sunglasses is an eight then right parentheses. 8)
Green guy is colon then mrgreen then colon. :mrgreen:

Scowling is colon then x. 😡

Exclamation is colon then ! then colon. ❗

Question is colon then ? then colon. ❓

For color codes use the standard HTML coding.

Although WordPress now offers colored text there are more Hex Colors here in a handy chart.

<span style= followed by,

“color:insert code # here ” followed by,

>highlight text to be colored followed by.


<*span style=”color: #999999″>text to be colored<*/span >(remove both * before posting)

Gray #999999
Dark Gray #666666
Black #333333
Peach #ff6666
Red #cc0000
Maroon #660000
Orange #ff6600
Brick #996633
Light Yellow #ffff66
Dark Yellow #ffcc00
Olive #666600
Light Green #33ff33
Medium Green #009900
Dark Green #006600
Turquoise #00cccc
Blue #3366ff
Royal Blue #3333ff
Navy #000099
Dark Blue #333399
Lavender #9999ff
Purple #6600cc
Pink #cc66cc
Rose #cc33cc
Dark Pink #993399
Dark Purple #663366