Red Moon for a White Christmas

Serena Lansing rang up the last sale of the afternoon. Her co-workers had finished the clean up left behind by the frenzied last minute shoppers. For her sake, she wasn’t even supposed to be here on Christmas Eve, but the two scheduled managers had called out sick. Serena had been forced to cut short breakfast in bed with Josh and her two daughters, eight-year old Sara and six-year old Samantha. Her boss promised her a bonus but nothing could make up for the disappointment in her children’s eyes. They had planned to bake all morning then go to his parents for a holiday luncheon topped off by a movie marathon while waiting for Santa.

As she locked the store’s front door, she complained softly, “At this rate it will be after six before I get home.” She thanked the staff and wished them all a very Merry Christmas then balanced the day’s receipts and prepared the night deposit. She called security for an escort, set the alarm and met the guard at the mall entrance. The weary pack of fellow retailers exchanged wry smiles and a few horror stories then trooped en masse out into the cold air.

“Oh!” rang out from all directions. “It’s snowing!”

“Great,” Serena moaned, “just what I need to end a perfect day.” She waited until she was safe in her vehicle and called Josh. “Hi honey. Tired, but I’m okay. It’s snowing here. Really? That much? I’ll take it easy. I have to do the night drop first so I should be home in about forty minutes. How are the girls? Really? OK… Love you too. Bye.”

She rested her forehead on the steering wheel while the defroster cleared both windshields. She carefully drove through the giant parking lot to the local bank branch. A quick twist of the key, a tug of the cold handle and the cash bag slid down into the vault. Her phone chimed, ‘be safe c u soon luv u’.

Despite the thickly swirling snow in her headlights, there was still quite a bit of traffic on the slick roads. Families going to a movie or dinner: shopping at the still open stores. “Poor suckers,” she muttered as she passed a large box store with barely a space in the lot. She drove slowly but made it home in one piece, red and yellow twirling lights marked those not as fortunate. The inflatable lawn figures and twinkling lights of her home though finally brought a smile of relief as she pulled into the garage.

When she slid out of the SUV she noticed a note taped to the door into the house along with a box and large gift bag. She read the words: open the box first. Serena couldn’t help but giggle as she shook the wrapped package before she slid a nail through the tape and carefully removed the festive paper. Her mouth dropped open in shock. “Oh! It’s beautiful!” Her hands trembled slightly as she lifted the crimson suede collar into the light. There was a folded note that read: ‘Put on the collar and then look in the bag’.

Serena set her purse on the step and buckled the leather around her neck. Memories of before the kids when they’d dabbled in kink flooded back. She had recently asked Josh if he was willing to try a Dominant/submissive relationship for three months: it was supposed to start on New Year’s obviously he couldn’t wait. She wondered about the girls for a moment then realized the house was silent. She peeped in the bag. It was empty. The note at the bottom said: ‘Strip naked and place your clothes in the bag then knock on the door Sassy’.

Serena gasped at seeing her play name in print. She felt her body tingle and tighten with anticipation. The garage was insulated but not fully heated and her flesh pimpled as she shed her clothing quickly. She knocked then shivered as she waited. The door remained closed for several minutes before finally it swung outwards.

She smelled cinnamon, brown sugar and apple spice. She felt a rush of warm air. She saw candles in the laundry room and kitchen. She heard jazz… and his voice.

“Do you submit to me Serena?”

Now that the moment was finally here she panicked. Before she could express any misgivings his hand covered her mouth.

“Do you submit to me? Sassy,” he said firmly but not unkindly.

She nodded and replied when his hand lifted, “Yes sir. I submit to you.”

“Walk slowly into the family room and wait for me with your hands behind your head.”

Serena was very cognizant of her nudity. After two children, she still felt awkward in her changed body. Between work and home, she never seemed to find the time to exercise and eat healthy. Her primary goal that drove her request for submission was to be held accountable for not meeting her goals.

“Serena. Do you agree to start our trial D/s period tonight?”

This time her ‘yes sir’ was swift and firm.

“Good.” Josh picked up an object and showed it to Serena. “To ensure our trial starts off with the correct mindset on both our parts, I will spank you by hand for five minutes followed by ten strokes of this paddle.” He sat down in the middle of the couch and said,” Sassy, lay down over my lap.”

She trembled with a mixture of fear, arousal and curiosity. She’d never been spanked before, never really thought about it, but after stumbling across a blog about Domestic Discipline, she spent an entire weekend reading and clicking link after link. There were many ways to proceed and she’d agreed to let Josh lead based on his own research with her feedback only allowed after the completion of whatever act he chose. She’d made a list of twenty things she wanted to try, two of them had just happened and the third was about to commence. It felt very strange and frightening to be draped over his knees, yet somehow, it felt like coming home.

so it was on a cold winter’s night
snow falling under moon so bright
children away to parent’s delight
festive carols while spanked with his might
her surprised cries as bottom once white
turned bright red as he held her so tight
such a hot burn did his hand ignite
twinkling colors bare skin was a sight
round leather paddle ten times did bite
when over she was very contrite
stern demeanor passions did excite
used her hard set orgasms alight
did pretty well for a neophyte
repeated daily until got right
now spanking fuels her appetite

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  1. Excellent. I really enjoyed this and love that Josh is always one step ahead of her – perfect 😊


  2. Very nice!


  3. Great write, and of course I look forward to read how their D/s relationship proceeds! Such a great Christmas gift!

    Rebel xox


    • Thanks Rebel. This will be a one-off story though. I have too many fiction things going on right now to add more.

      Liked by 1 person

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