Flashback Friday: “Discipline is needed”

Originally posted Sept. 28th, 2009 here.

Willing reluctant feet to move, she raised a quivering hand to rap on the sturdy oak door. The gruff ‘Enter!’ nearly sent her fleeing back to her room. Reluctantly she opened the door, sweaty hands clutching the document. Seating behind his desk, her father raised an eyebrow at his twenty-year old daughter’s attire. Dressed as a schoolgirl, pleated skirt, crisp blouse and his regimental tie she appeared much younger and very nervous.
“Good morning, Sir.”
Confused, her father said, “Since when am I, ‘Sir’, to you, Princess?”
Before she completely lost her nerve, his trembling daughter confessed her innermost desires.
“You never spanked me as a child, Sir, and I appreciate your compassion and understanding of my willful ways. It would have been easy to punish me with blows. I know I deserved a good thrashing on many occasions. I also know you spank mother and have for as long as I can remember.”
Her father stirred uncomfortably in his leather chair, the conversation taking a disturbing turn. He was about to dismiss his clearly overwrought daughter when the door swung open to reveal his smiling wife.
“Have you told him yet, darling?”
Her daughter shook her head, but with courage bolstered by her mother’s support, continued.
“You told me, Sir, when I reached the age of twenty I could ask for any single thing of you and if it was within your power, you would grant my boon. This document I have in my hand is my latest Uni transcript.”
Her father read the paper, all top marks and glowing reviews.
“I fail to see any grounds for discipline, Princess. I am very, very proud of you.”
His daughter basked in his love and praise. She felt her mother squeeze her hand in support.
“I thank you, Sir. I thank you both for raising me to be the young woman I am today. My boon, Sir, is that you teach me to be as my mother. I wish to submit to my husband and have the marriage of respect you share. As a reward for my marks I crave you give me six of the best and begin my journey into adulthood.”
He stood, paced round to the two most important women in his life; kissed his wife soundly on the mouth and his daughter on her brow.
“I would be honored, Princess, to guide you into proper submission. We both are honored you have chosen your parents as your role models. Assume the position, Princess, raise your skirt and lower your knickers to your knees. You will receive six of the best with your mother’s own special cane and you will count and thank me for each and every one.”
She complied, no longer nervous, no longer a child, but poised on the cusp of her new life as a contented and taken woman.

Spank you very much

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