“A Disciplined Model”

“S’il vous plaît, Renée, be still and do not smile!”
“I am trying, Pierre, but my arm is asleep!”
“A few more minutes, I must capture your face before the light fades.”
“That’s what you said a half an hour ago!”
“I knew I should have hired Angelique for this commission.”
“Angelique! She is but a common whore.”
“She does not pout, Renée! She is obedient and demure as a model should be!”
“Does she suck you off? Are her titons as big as mine?”
“Yes, my bosom, you cretin. Do you not like them when I shake my shoulders?”
“The word is les tétons, mademoiselle, and you must be STILL!”
“Bah, Pierre, you are no more French than I am, no one cares.”
“Except my clients, who incidentally, allow me to pay you.”
“Rich and stupid Americans, here for their Grand Tour and forged antiques.”
“And the Exposition of 1900 as well, don’t forget.”
“Oh yes, the wonders of progress designed to fleece the workers of hard earned francs.”
“Don’t roll your eyes!”
“How about my hips instead?”
“That’s it, Renée! You’re an incorrigible brat! Angelique will replace you.”
“No, Pierre! I am sorry. Do not dismiss me. I’ll behave, I promise.”
“It’s too late. Get dressed and get out. We’re through.”
“Please, monsieur, give me another chance. See? You like my bottom.”
“So. I’ve been very naughty. I deserve a good whipping, not dismissal.”
“I don’t care.”
“Please, Pierre. I am bent over for you. You can see everything. I don’t mind.”
If, I whip you, Renée, that is only a small down payment for my wasted time.”
“Yes, yes, I agree, punish me, Pierre, make me behave.”
“What shall I use? I must not damage my hands.”
“Do you still have the props?”
“Of course! The martinet is even properly French. Here it is.”
“Hurry, Pierre. I feel very excited and wet for you.”
“Who’s the whore now?”
“I am, Pierre. I am your whore. Whip me. Beat me. Use me hard!”
“Like that, you slut? And that? Across your broad, naked rump like that, you brazen hussy.”
“Oui! Oui! I am nothing but a wanton for you! Harder, Pierre, do it harder!”
“I should have flogged you the first time you caused trouble.”
“Oui! Harder, faster. Let me feel the leather thongs rake my naughty arse.”
“I suppose I should whip you before every session as a reminder.”
“Oui, Pierre! Every day and every night, make me red and striped.”
“The red lines on your dusky skin are so striking.”
“Oh, like that, and again, and again, I am getting so close.”
“Careful of your fingers in your pussy, I don’t want to strike them.”
“Then strike my wicked pussy instead! Swing up from below.”
“Like that?”
“OUI! Oh mon Dieu, do it again!”
“I didn’t know whipping there was even possible.”
“I’m coming!”
“So I see, Renée. A few more blows there, and there, and there.”
“Fuck me, Pierre! My pussy hurts, I want it to hurt even more.”
“Later? I must have your cock now!”
“Don’t move, Renée. The sun angle highlights all your red stripes. I must paint quickly.”

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8 thoughts on ““A Disciplined Model”

  1. Marie Rebelle February 1, 2017 / 8:23 am

    Brats must be whipped, right? Hot little story 😉

    Rebel xox


  2. lapsedcatholicwife February 1, 2017 / 9:46 pm

    a gorgeous hot tale x


    • lurvspanking February 1, 2017 / 9:54 pm

      Thank you, it’s been awhile—other than the 5x weekly Bumhampton Chronicles—that I’ve written actual spanking dialogue. I tend to set the table more than eat the meal.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. missy February 2, 2017 / 8:02 am

    Great characters and delicious spanking as always 😊


  4. LordRaven (@LordRaven69) February 4, 2017 / 2:14 pm

    oh how a brat must be controlled. and in the hands of an artist, I can imagine scenes of extra bratty behavior. great post.


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