cry myself to sleep

“What the fuck do you want?” “Can’t I even sleep without your ugly mug haunting me?” “Isn’t it enough that you threw me over for some plastic kewpie doll you fucked at work while I was in bed with the flu?” “That’s rich. That’s not my recollection of the events.” “Seems to me if you’d kept your pecker in your pants instead of her mouth, I wouldn’t be all alone.” “So? It’s a fucking bottle! That don’t mean I stuff it up my waxed twat like that bimbo you married does to your syphilitic cock.” “Hey! So I like a drink or two. It’s not my fault you cheated on me.” “Yeah? Real funny asswipe. I don’t need no whisky lullabies to cry myself to sleep.”

“Did you ever stop to think, that the spanking was what kept me from drinking?” “That maybe what I needed was to be bottoms up instead of being yelled at?” “Not your fault?” “Not your fucking fault?” “How dare you say I checked out first!” “A bottle of vodka a day is hardly a drunk!” “Oh, so now your recollection is that it was three bottles a day.” “Fine! Here’s another one, motherfucker!”


“Hi, my name is Sarah.”
“Hi, Sarah!”
“I’m here tonight because…”
“There’s no judgement here, Sarah.”
“Because I’m an alcoholic. It’s been one week since I last had a drink. I… I ruined my marriage and my life. I don’t know why, but it’s my fault.”

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An original composition by Janet Devlin, who also sings this song in Gaelic. She’s an amazing talent. The song goes along with the story. When I read the Wicked Wednesday prompt, ‘Recollection’, her cover of ‘Ordinary World’, was running through my mind. My Muse recommended ‘Whisky Lullabies’ instead, and the entire story quickly played out behind my eyes exactly as written. My advice to other writers: Do not ignore your Muse.