In lieu of candy

“Spank Me Hard!… Please?” is a result of of too many stories and too many pictures on the internet. Although it seems very easy to find a spanking partner/s with all the many sites and forums online, it is also very difficult to negotiate the nuances of the ‘scene’. For many spankos the idea of being spanked in public is more thrilling as a fantasy than as an actuality. While there is safety in numbers at a party, letting someone you’ve never met spank you is always a bad idea. Being submissive doesn’t mean agreeing to being abused. It is likely the majority of spankos are content to practice spanking in private with a single partner. The problem though, as stated by many bloggers, is that it is very rare for two spankos to meet before they become a couple. In other words, spanking is not mainstream enough to be discussed on a casual date for most people. And it seems that many women and some men desire to be spanked later in life from their partner and many times that partner is not only unwilling but rather freaked out about this strange new kink. Perhaps if sex-ed treated ‘fetishes’ as within the normal range of sexual behavior and not something dark and deviant, there would be more happy spanking marriages and less divorce.

“He’s sick”

Not what she expected for their 10th wedding anniversary or any other occasion, even for a ‘socially’ accepted birthday tradition, it was still too much. She wanted a vacation, would have been fine with a day spa and would have settled for a nice night on the town.

“So what did he give you?” asked Stacey’s lawyer curiously.

“A cane, a paddle and a butt plug!” she said sarcastically.

“And he expected you to agree to being… beaten?”

“No. He wanted me to beat and sodomize him!” Stacey said with disgust. “I had no idea he was such a pervert. I’m sure he got these deviant ideas from the internet.”

“Well, that is grounds for divorce. Perhaps you’d like surveillance; in case he’s also seeing someone else? A professional so to speak?”

“No, I just want the creep out of my life and away from the kids. Who knows want he wants to do to them!”

“I agree completely Stacy, people like him should be locked up as a menace to decent society.”

Spank you very much

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