How To entice a man

An adult poem about spanking, read with caution.

“Happily married”

I used to practice monogamy
until that fateful day
it caught my stunned eye
should have run away

it twitched and swished
long legs in lace
oh how I wished
I’d never kept pace

rounded orbs in silky white
slowly raising skirt
she offered feasts to my delight
then asked to make it hurt

so I did at her request
spanking her very hard
a hundred of the wicked best
but still I held my guard

my hand growing sore
her sobbing breath a rush
I need a hundred more
please grab my bath brush

she writhed and moaned
as I paddled her skin
glad we were alone
so wanted to thrust in

put her hands back
but not to stop me
opened wide her crack
said with aching plea

take my ass
you must agree
deep and fast
teach me sodomy

Spank you very much

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