The ‘Tail’ of a Happy Little Housewife

An adult story about spanking read with caution

In the make-believe land of Spankingpuss, there lived a very HLH – Happy Little Housewife – for those interested. HLH was quite content to scrub the house until squeaky clean, dress the children and send them off to school and cook wonderful meals for her HOH – Head of Household – for those interested. HOH made love to HLH every Wednesday night so HLH had everything she could ever want. Or so she thought.

On day, as she was daintily eating her lunch on the veranda overlooking the perfectly trimmed garden, she heard faint noises from the neighbor’s yard. If there was one eensy teensy wittull bitty fault HLH had that drove HOH to distraction was her blatant curiosity. So HLH crept ever so carefully to the sculpted hedge and peered over the top.

And what did her wondering eyes spy? Why her neighbor being spanked.

It was a troubled HLH who greeted her HOH that evening and after the children were safely tucked in their beds and the dishes were washed and the pipe had been smoked, HOH called his HLH into the den. Under his questioning HLH broke into tears and confessed what she had seen.

It had never occurred to HOH that his HLH would find spanking intriguing. No time like the present and even though it was Monday, the naughty actions of HLH deserved retribution. HLH soon found herself over HOH knees and in some great pain, later turned to orgasmic pleasure. HOH and HLH cuddled in bed and fell asleep wondering what to do next.

For HLH it was a series of trips over HOH knees and all the various and sundry surfaces of the home being spanked with every possible implement until they both were satisfied the tail of the HLH was just right.

The moral of this story is, if you are a HLH, then don’t wait to tell your HOH what you really want.

4 thoughts on “The ‘Tail’ of a Happy Little Housewife

  1. KayLynn September 21, 2009 / 9:20 pm

    Love It!!! I got the whole cute 1950’s cartoon classic visuals!


  2. Luna September 23, 2009 / 12:51 am

    You’re bad, and so very good. I love it, Rule Breaker!



    • lurvspanking September 23, 2009 / 3:36 am

      Are you calling moi a Rule Breaker?

      That’s twenty lashes Luna for insubordination before I make ye walk me plank.




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