Why did I marry a wimp?

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

Another lazy Sunday and another lazy bum sprawled out in her living room. Hands down his unzipped pants, empty beer cans scattered everywhere. ‘The little woman’ cleaning up after his worthless friends! Fuck him! Fuck his bald head and his limp cock! I’m tired of your stupid pathetic shit! I’m finding myself a real man!

*Cut to a fa-fa-chi-chi theme restaurant with a bar*

“What’s a woman with your rounded assets doing in a dump like this?”

Tall. Check
Hair. Check
Real Hair. Double Check
Clean nails. Check
Smile. Check

“Not looking for trouble that’s for sure. I keep expecting the servers to burst into show tunes at any time.”

“I’m Mario.”

“I’m horny.”

*Cut to an anonymous hotel room with soundproof walls and a mini-bar*

Sweaty. Check
Manly Sweat. Check
Agile tongue. Double Check
Thick Cock. Yummy Check
Gives Multiple Orgasms. He’s a keeper Check
Picking up his belt! Rolling me over? A pillow under my hips?



Yes, I’m a naughty milf. Check
Spankings. Check
I am so calling a lawyer. Check
As soon as he stops whipping my ass that is. Double Check
Not a Wimp. Check

4 thoughts on “Why did I marry a wimp?

    • lurvspanking September 27, 2009 / 11:19 pm

      I agree Brushstrokes, all those poor football widows just looking for the right guy to tan their behinds. 🙂



  1. CultivatedDiscipline October 1, 2009 / 9:45 pm

    Why can’t they spank and watch the game simultaneously? They would happily accept a blow job during the game, give me my spanking! CD


    • lurvspanking October 1, 2009 / 10:22 pm

      “Blowjob and a spanking”

      Sounds like a great idea for a sports bar. 😉



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