Couples spanking therapy Part #2

Part #1 is here at this link.

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

Dr Discipline had a unique practice. He was a certified Spankologist specializing in couples therapy with an emphasis on D/D and D/s marriages. He could consult with non-married partners, but the bonds of matrimony were vital where spanking was concerned. His latest patients were a married couple in their early forties. Seventeen years together, two children, both worked and both were deeply unhappy. Not uncommon in marriages lacking discipline.

Doctor Discipline: After I sent you home to review last session’s tape, did you talk about what transpired?
Wife: Yes, but I don’t understand why you stopped him from spanking me.
D: Your thoughts?
Husband: I think it’s because I was angry?
D: Correct. Spanking your wife when you are angry is not recommended. Not that you should be calm and distant, but anger, disgust and other strong emotions can cause you to spank her far beyond a reasonable punishment.
W: But I want to be punished! I’m stressed all the time and I do reckless things to get his attention.
H: I don’t mind punishing you, but I’d rather you stop acting out and try talking to me instead. Beating you doesn’t appeal to me. I want your happiness back, not this sulking brat you’ve turned into.
W: I don’t sulk!
H: Bullshit. Every time I ask what’s wrong, you sigh and say ‘nothing’ and then flounce off when I say OK.
W: That’s because you’re supposed to engage me in conversation. I can’t just say what’s wrong, that’s against the female code of ethics.
D: So by treating him with contempt, you are trying to goad him into violence against you?
W: Well… not violence exactly. I need him to be firm, firmer with me. I need him to put me back in my place when I act bratty.
D: Because you’re feeling insecure.
W: Yes. Yes I am. I don’t think I’m worthy of his love anymore.
H: Now that makes me angry. How can you be so dismissive of my love?
W: If you loved me, you’d spank me!

At this point I interjected and suggested they adjourn to the annex and try spanking again. I cautioned them to listen to each other rather than hearing only the inner voice. I watched as he tried to coerce her over his knees, but she resisted. Again, she was pushing his anger button attempting to create a strong reaction. To his credit, he didn’t lose control as previously, but grabbed his wife and threw her over his lap. For the next twenty minutes she squirmed and he wrestled her into submission. He spanked her several hundred times at least, but couldn’t manage to bare her bottom. In the aftermath, I again sent them home with the tape and told them to practice before the next session. I also told the husband to study his wife’s behavior and get to the bottom of her struggles.

3 thoughts on “Couples spanking therapy Part #2

  1. paul1510 October 28, 2009 / 5:29 pm

    LV, she obviously doesn’t trust him to do a proper job, when she does, then he will be able to get to the bottom of her problems.
    Once the trust is there her struggles will stop.
    Warm hugs,


    • lurvspanking October 28, 2009 / 5:55 pm

      Possible Paul. Maybe she doesn’t trust her self. 🙂



  2. Experienced Husband January 14, 2017 / 11:48 am

    I began spanking my wife when we were dating a half century ago. Back then, the spanking of young women was an acceptable practice.

    While my wife has never liked being spanked, she admitted early in our relationship that she still needed it. In fact, as I would find out later. getting her bare bottom soundly spanked by a man was a prerequisite for marriage.

    Back then, since most women wore skirts, baring a young woman’s bottom was a fairly simple affair. Typically, it simply involved lifting up the back of her dress and sliding down her granny panties until the necessary area was exposed. Sanitary napkin belts and hose garters didn’t interfere with spanking.

    Then, once the deed was accomplished, the panties could be repositioned, and her skirt would fall back into place once she stood up. As a result, privately administered quickie spankings were fairly common.

    In addition to telling her mother when we were dating that she’d been spanked, my wife later told her mother that she might not have stayed married if her husband hadn’t given her a few good hard spankings.


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