The perfect costume

An adult story about spanking, sex and very bad words. read with caution

[This is my longest story at 2,000 words and a stroke story.]

It was the first adult- themed party for them both and they were nervous. He had changed his mind about his costume over and over again until settling on a uniformed officer of the law. Mirrored sunglasses, sharp cap, crisp shirt torn at the bulging biceps, tight trousers, thick leather and studded belt topped off with calf height polished black boots. Completing the look were leather cuffs, Pyrex ‘nightstick’, badge and rubber gloves with lubricant tucked in his back pockets.

She was even more indecisive. The usual naughty ______ did not thrill her at all. Hooker? No. Buttoned-down executive with micro miniskirt? Sigh. What she really wanted to wear was so out of character their was no way she could ever get enough courage to pull it off. What changed her mind though was seeing her husband in his costume, posing in the mirror, steadily smacking the glass nightstick in his calloused palm. Her cunt gushed and her knees buckled. It was now or never.

When she appeared – late for the party – he was growing very impatient. He growled when he saw her costume. A floor-length raincoat tightly closed at the neck. Before he snapped at her though he noticed she was pale and trembling. After a quick hug, they drove to the party. Neither talked on the way, her because she was terrified, he because he was puzzled.

‘Welcome to our Decedent Halloween Bash!’ cried their hosts. ‘Can I take your coat dear?’
She closed her eyes summoning her courage to speak. ‘This officer took me into custody this evening. Rather than taking me downtown to file charges, he suggested I serve off my crime at this party instead.’
‘Oooooh, sounds kinky. What did you do?’
‘Suspicion of prostitution and theft.’ She opened her eyes and said to her husband/officer, ‘I’m ready to serve at your pleasure sir.’

Disbelieving he silently asked her for her consent. When she gave it, he reached out and unzipped her coat, letting it fall to the floor. The previously raucous party went silent at her appearance. She was dressed – undressed – in a black lace and red leather corset thrusting her bare breasts out and molding her equally exposed bottom. Her legs encased in silk stockings gripping her thighs, clearly wet with her cunt cream. Four-inch heels thrust her bottom out perfectly and dangling from a leather harness at the base of her corset were leather and wood paddles.

He gazed at his wife/criminal with an expression of raw hunger. She stared back with lust tinged with fear and that look made his cock grow hard. He grabbed her long hair in his fist and unceremoniously dragged her into the large central room. Cleared of furniture for a dance floor, he threw her to the floor and ordered her to get on all fours and present. Humiliated she complied, her breath coming in short pants. When she spread her legs at his command, the light glistened off her soaking cunt and twitching asshole.

He glanced around seeking a suitable place to continue and his host pushed a barstool into the center of the floor. Quickly arranging the overhead track lighting, there was now a brightly illuminated place for her to perform. He made her get up, barking at her with harsh threats, first sitting her down on the stool so he could conduct a cavity search. Starting with her hair, he slowly massaged and relaxed his ‘prisoner’. Opening her mouth, he stuck three fingers in, gently at first and then rougher and deeper until she started gagging. He scolded her and informed her coldly she’d better get over her gag reflex, because her throat was going to be fucked repeatedly.

He seized her breasts, both rigid nipples clamped between his thumbs and forefingers. Squeezing until she moaned, he pulled and twisted causing her back to arch trying to escape the pain. He continued punishing her nipples alternating with sharp slaps to her quivering tits. They turned red under his harsh blows, but she said nothing but gasps of pain. He paused in his torture to choose a volunteer a woman dressed as a sexy nurse and beckoned her forward. He whispered to her what he needed and she agreed to help.

He pushed his wife backwards into the nurse’s waiting embrace, balanced on the crest of her bottom, he asked for two more volunteers, male volunteers. A pirate and a pimp stepped forward. They each took on of the ‘prisoner’s’ legs and bent them back and out until she was suspended in air, only the smallest portion of her bare bottom still touching the stool. While she was being prepared, he snapped on a pair of latex gloves, lubed them and then approached his spread and crying wife. Without any preamble he thrust two fingers deep into her sloppy cunt as it convulsed. Rapidly sawing his hand in and out, he drove her to a hard orgasm.

When her spasms eased, he asked the pirate and pimp to reach in and spread the whore’s cunt lips as far as they good. ‘Get a good grip’ he told them, ‘she’s leakier than a waterfall’. Pinching firmly, her exposed cunt was red with suffused blood, clit engorged and throbbing. He reentered her slowly this time searching and probing all the way back to her cervix. First one finger, then two, three, four and finally, he drove his fist between her splayed labia and ruthlessly fucked her as she screamed. Her legs, tightly bound as they were, still thrashed. Her head dropped and the sexy nurse took advantage by lifting her skirt and thrusting her own sopping pussy over the ‘prisoner’s’ face.

She’d never tasted another woman before, but combined with the thick fist stretching her, the double set of strangers fingers pinching her cunt lips, any reservations fled with the musky fluid flowing into her panting mouth. She was disappointed when they finally stopped tormenting her leaving her on the brink of another orgasm. She would have fallen off the stool, so weak were her limbs, but her husband/officer scooped her up, cuddling her close whispering for only her to hear. ‘Do you want to continue?’

‘Yeeeeeesssssss.’ He smiled in love and awe for his wife’s newfound sexuality. He kissed her hard, the taste of the nurse filling his nostrils. Savagely they tangled tongues, she writhing in his ripped arms begging to be taken. He asked for a cushion, placed it on the stool and draped his wife over the top on her stomach. ‘Thank you,’ as ropes appeared. At a loss, he accepted ‘professional’ help and listened avidly as a guest securely bound his wife’s hands and ankles to the bar stool. The last touch was a thick strap wrapped around her waist so she was unable to move. As a safety measure, the guest hovered close in case the stool became unstable during the next procedure.

‘I am now going to resume the cavity search of the prisoner. What do you suggest next?’ The loud roar echoed off the walls drowning out the music. ‘HER ASS!’ ‘I agree completely.’ He put on a new pair of gloves, placing the used pair in the prisoner’s mouth for safekeeping. There was a cruel laugh from the audience as she blushed furiously at this refinement. He decided against using lube this time, enough fluids had coated her anus to slid a finger in effortlessly all the way through her rectum. He only used one finger though, twirling and stretching the walls of her rectum. Anal was something they rarely did, so he planned to take full advantage of her helpless position. When he pulled out his finger, he announced, ‘She’s clean.’

Boos and hisses filled the area but he held up a hand for silence. ‘She may be clean, but she still needs to be punished for her illegal actions. Luckily, she brought these handy paddles. How many people are here tonight? About seventy-five?’ He thought for a minute then knelt next his wife’s face. ‘Are you sure you want this? I can try to control the amount of spanks, but you’re going to get at least a couple hundred smacks. After… I don’t know what will happen, I would rather you not have sex with anybody except for oral. I want your cunt and ass for myself.’ She turned her head, kissing her husband. ‘Do whatever you want to do to be. I belong to you. I am truly your prisoner and have no right to refuse your demands.’

He stood up and announced the ‘prisoner’ was now ready for punishment. ‘Everyone here is eligible to give her two spanks with either paddle, but only two spanks. I will drop out of character here to explain we’ve never done anything like this before. My wife has never been spanked, never been with a woman and has only had a handful of prior sexual partners. This is not an orgy and she is not to be abused. However, after the spanking, I will be fucking my wife and her mouth will be available to be used by all present. Make sure you treat her well or you’ll be facing the consequences of my law.’

His speech put a damper on the excitement, but only briefly. Orderly lining up, no mean feat considering the amount of alcohol consumed, each partygoer struck her white, pink, red and finally purple bottom until everyone had popped her good. She was howling and crying by the end, but didn’t ever safe out of the scene. Before he spanked his wife himself, he asked for another two stools and cushions. It was only a short time to arrange the sobbing ‘prisoner’ face-down over three stools, legs still bound, but arms now cuffed behind her back, pulled her head up so her chin rested on the edge of the seat, open mouth waist high and ready. After he whacked her with both paddles a total of ten more times, he motioned the crowd to begin fucking his bound wife. As the first man entered her mouth, her husband dropped his pants and stroking his weeping cock to maximum hardness, buried himself in her ass with one harsh thrust.

Her muffled scream around the stranger’s cock nearly made him shoot his load, but he held off as long as he could which was through six men and four women before sperming her rectum. The continued use of his wife’s mouth kept him hard and he resumed fucking her ass shortly. He drew out momentarily to grab the glass nightstick. Working it deep into her cunt, he then shoved back through her anus. The feeling of the glass sliding against the thin rectal walls was amazing and given he’d just cum, he took his time fucking her this time. She was so deep into her role now, there was no pain anywhere, only an upward spiral of lust broken only by occasional orgasms. By the time the last few men were waiting to blow in her mouth, the earlier hard-ons were back and getting a workout in every willing pussy.

The sounds and smells of sex were overpowering and feeling her husband cumming for the third time in her sore ass pushed her over the edge. The biggest cock of the night rammed down her throat as the glass nightstick withdrew from her cunt and slid into her slick gaping ass. Someone’s vibrator attached to her clit and as she fought to breathe around the thick flesh buried in her throat, the world contracted into a single pinpoint of light and faint noise. Her orgasm lifted the stools briefly off the floor with her powerful spasm. She remembered nothing more.

It was morning when she woke. Groaning in pain from everywhere, the only thing she noticed was the scent of lavender and a callused palm smoothing lotion all over her aching body. She croaked through a very sore throat, ‘When can we do that again?’

7 thoughts on “The perfect costume

  1. Sephani Paige November 1, 2009 / 5:00 pm

    *shivers* I fucking loved that! Thank you for sharing! I so wish I could talk Master into a scene like this but He’s is such a private person 😦


  2. paul1510 November 1, 2009 / 6:02 pm

    LV, great story, but for me pure fantasy, I could no more do that than fly unassisted to the moon.. 😀
    Warm hugs,


    • lurvspanking November 1, 2009 / 6:37 pm

      Gee Paul, are you a Honeymooners fan? 😉

      It’s all fantasy but something lots of people dream about happening.



  3. vanillamom November 10, 2009 / 3:02 pm

    wow…that was one HELL of a story!!! wow…er, need to go fetch a towel for under my chair now, lol!



    • lurvspanking November 10, 2009 / 8:02 pm

      Note to Nilla:

      Always get a towel first before reading. 😉



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