Spanking a willing woman

There is nothing better. To feel the weight of a willing woman bent over your lap, running your hand over her bare bottom and knowing she wants you to spank her. I could do that all day long. 🙂

“Carving the bird”

Laura always looked forward to the annual family holiday gathering at her parent’s house. This also happened to be the very first time she’d be bringing a ‘date’. Josh had agreed to meet the folks and they were giddy their ‘little girl’ was finally seeing someone. Laura knew her mother was probably already planning the wedding, but she and Josh planned to wait until after they both graduated and decided on career paths. They’d both seen too many relationships founder over jobs and kids. There was time.

Josh wasn’t too happy about sleeping apart, but her parents were rather old-fashioned. No ring, no sex in the house. They’d thought about a hotel, but decided a long weekend apart during the night would be good for them. Besides, there was always the backseat if they got desperate. There was one thing though Laura was going to miss: Her nightly spanking. When Josh first mentioned spanking, Laura was thrilled and the reality far exceeded her fantasies. He was firm, no-nonsense and kept her in place until he decided she’d had enough.

It shocked Laura hours after the first night’s dinner, when her parents asked Josh to join them in the den for a friendly chat and they then asked him quite bluntly if he was in charge of their daughter. He coolly replied that he was and said he understood the reasons for sleeping apart, however, he would appreciate some time alone before bed in order to stress to Laura who was in charge in their relationship. Laura blushed bright red when her mother asked curiously how Josh stressed that to her daughter and he casually said ‘I spank her every night’.

Her father cleared his throat and nodded to Josh before agreeing that Laura definitely needed a firm hand at her tiller in order to keep her level. He launched into several tales of misadventures Josh hadn’t heard before and raising an eyebrow, he looked over at Laura in surprise. She refused to look at Josh until he spoke sharply. At that point, her mother suggested they leave them alone in the den to ‘discuss’ the situation. ‘Take your time Josh. Laura can be quite stubborn and it takes an effort to get the lesson across.’

Before Laura could object, Josh patted his thigh and as her parents hugged her and slipped out the door, all Laura thought about was having everyone in the family hear her getting spanked. She wanted to sink through the floor, but she didn’t hesitate to lie over his knees and made no objection when Josh raised her skirt and lowered her panties. Bare bottomed she waited for her lover’s hand to descend on her needy skin. The only thing better – admitted only in the privacy of her mind – would be to be bent over the family couch watched by all her relatives as she was severely thrashed with Josh’s belt.

7 thoughts on “Spanking a willing woman

  1. KayLynn November 24, 2009 / 11:50 pm

    Once again… you’re killing me! Mentally I’m in the den from the movie Meet the Parents! And taking that extra kinky step is always a mental pleasure!!


  2. paul1510 November 25, 2009 / 12:47 pm

    LS, an interesting scenerio, blushmaking for both parties. 🙂


    • lurvspanking November 25, 2009 / 8:11 pm

      Paul have you noticed how for some commentators it’s the blush they want?



      • paul1510 November 26, 2009 / 3:20 pm

        LS, of course, he is only embarrassed, she gets to blush on all four cheeks, great isn’t it. 😉
        Have a great Thanksgiving, however you like it. 😀
        Warm hugs,


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