Trying to start writing again

It’s been five years since I’ve last posted here. I stopped blogging and writing because real life took over. Yesterday I wrote a new opening chapter to my spanking novel I started writing six years ago. Before spanking became mainstream! My timing sucks. I’ve not written in the intervening years and I’m sure you’ve all moved on. That’s ok. I’ve always been non-social, the current disaster that is social media has pushed me even further away. I will respond to e-mails and comments, although usually not right away. Thank you for reading in the past I wish everyone the best for the future.

Lyrics by CMA

“Runaway ft. Wonder”

Finding a way out of the darkness
Trying to hide, but in vain
It always seems to gettin’ closer
So you try to run away
You try to run

You open your eyes and try to close ‘em
From the truth that’s untold
It seems like an endless road
Which way to choose, which way to go?
So lets face ‘em both.

I’m by your
I’m by your side – all of the time (x 3)
All of the time (x 3)

Although the velvet night may blind you
The stars ignite to shine the way
I will sing, if you are lonely
You’re not alone
You are not alone

I’m by your
I’m by your side – all of the time (x 3)
All of the time (x 3)

Spank you very much

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