The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Dressed in my new black and white uniform, Mrs. Cleanknockers led me to the kitchen, introduced Cook, and fed me lunch with the downstairs staff. As the new girl the maids and footmen scrutinized me closely for signs of moral failure. Clearly I was not welcome and the slights were not long in manifesting. I ate my meal in silence while Mrs. Cleanknockers grilled her underlings and assigned the afternoon roster. I was exempt: I had an appointment with Lord Caneshard. The sly grins and elbows did not go unnoticed. “Emily and Louisa. Report to the Gun Room at 2.”

Due to a personal request, I’m looking at you Missy, the Bumhampton Chronicles will continue. However, I will write the story as a drabble – 100 words – at a time and will be posted several times a week.

This link goes to The Bumhampton Chronicles category so you can catch up at any time.


  1. Yay. I was so excited when I saw this pop up on my feed. I am so glad that Ruby is going to continue her adventure. ‘The Victorian age where orifices where plundered and bottoms were whacked’. Take me back there!


      1. Yep! Although you want to try working in a school – or should I say, SOME schools (or I’ll end up in detention…). And whatever you do as a staff member, don’t be good at anything. 🙃


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