The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 4 Part (18)

Louisa faced me with a blank face. “Thank you, Ruby, for trying to suck his cock. You didn’t have to.” I was stunned at her words and a bit wary. “Do you really mean that?” She smiled crookedly and instead of pulling on her dress, hung it off the highest drawer knob. “Yes, I do. I’m sorry for what I did and for the punishment you received.” She bit her lip and continued. “I was jealous of the attention you were getting and Emily egged me into being stupid again.” I had to admit to being curious at this point.

You can go to this page which has links to all the complete previous chapters.


  1. I am pleased that Ruby seems to be making progress with Louisa. Hopefully it is genuine and she will have some of the other girls to share things with.


    • The next twelve drabbles are all btwn Ruby and Louisa to end chapter 4. I have a feeling in chapter 5 the two of them will create mischief together.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Oh yay. I LOVE mischief 😉


        • Try not to channel Ruby tooooo much. There is only so much HisLordship can handle.

          Although, I think your D/s house could use a Gun Room. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yes I would be keen for the addition of one of those!


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