I thought he said ‘wine’ cellar

FFF#7 at The Daily Toast is based on this picture here and should be a drabble of exactly 100 words.

When he wanted to show me his special collection downstairs, I didn’t realize he meant a ‘whine’ room designed to inflict pain. The coiled whips and wooden paddles hanging on the wall made me gasp with fright, but somehow he convinced me to try it; being bound, breasts exposed for the leather flogger and my mouth the proper height for vigorous use. I was ready and willing to be taken when he said he forgot something important and would be right back. That was over an hour ago. My wrists and knees hurt. Do you think I should be worried?


  1. Wine cellars can be sexy… so ancient…I like your thinking/writing. But you knew that ; )


  2. LV, unless he is really absent minded, I would be worried. 😀
    I really enjoy the FFF’s. 🙂
    Warm hugs,


    • Me too, there’s something to be said for shorter being better.

      Except for spanking of course.



  3. lol very much enjoyed that. And I agree, a spanking should never be short!


  4. Sephani! What a cruel and twisted Master you have!


    I am sure we can find somebody to spank you as you deserve.



  5. Oh, I am late to this …but I love the concept of a “whine cellar”. Nice one, LS!


    • Late Luna and deserving of a lash or two. Or a dozen or more.

      Heck, you’re so naughty I’d never stop whipping you. 😉



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