chalk beneath my feet

how many before me have sat here
and elsewhere
sore bottom and tender thighs
seed even now
taking root in my eager womb
arms wrapped around knees
hem madly flapping as my heart
aches to watch wake riding waves
dispersed upon upwelling tide
cold air scaling white cliffs
to send gulls flying
hurtling inland to build squalls
to match my wet cheeks
hoping he will return
knowing that many will not
two months mine
the others given to the sea
a harsh mistress
offering naught but death
and wealth
for the fortunate few
who ride her swells
as he rode mine
willingly did I open wide
submit to his cock
that glorious and sole
redeeming aspect of being
a sailor’s love
who with calloused hands
spanked the calendar away
drawing red lines across
the needy surface
the sails fill and his ship
is flying over the
feathering sea
away from me
my hand waves
over the edge of the world
she falls
into the briny depths
we turn our backs
from Land’s End
and stroll arm-in-arm
widows of the deep blue ocean
with chalk beneath our feet

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2 thoughts on “chalk beneath my feet

  1. Marie Rebelle August 23, 2017 / 10:27 am

    It can’t be an easy life to lead, the life of a woman who has to wait for her man to come back from sea, or the battling fields. Nicely done!

    Rebel xox


    • lurvspanking August 24, 2017 / 9:29 pm

      I’ve always had a curiosity about the oceanic lifestyle and people who are drawn to the sea. I grew up in the heart of North American and the ocean/beach scene has never been my thing. Fiction allows me to sail in my imagination.


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