Submission is about trust

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

When she was younger, spanking was something to be avoided at all costs. Too often though, over momma’s lap she’d go for a session with the ‘attitude adjuster’ aka the Fuller Brush. More serious offenses merited a strapping with daddy’s razor strop. But for her these spankings were no fun and non-consensual. She swore when she grew up, married and had children, her children would never face the humiliation and fear of a parental beating.

For the most part she succeeded as a spanking-free parent, although a couple of swats with a wooden spoon could hardly be called a spanking. As the children grew, she reveled in a job well done and thought smugly to herself that her parents had been wrong to spank her. Then came the day of the accident. She was out shopping, bumped into a friend, had lunch, a couple of margaritas and next thing you know; the car was wrapped around a tree.

She was fine, a few bruises, the car totaled, but the biggest damage was to her marriage. Her husband was a romantic, hands-on father and all around good guy who treated her and their children with respect and dignity. But after the drunk driving accident he withdrew, no longer sure of who his wife was. She realized for too many years she had coasted on his accomplishments, being the ‘wife of’ was all she thought she ever wanted. She had in fact turned into her mother – minus the spankings -and it made her unhappy.

Unhappier still was the curt treatment from her husband. The legal troubles were still another issue, because despite no one being hurt and insurance paying for the damages, there had been stepped-up enforcement of under the influence laws and she was being threatened with possible jail time of up to a year. When she and her husband went before the judge, they pleaded for no jail time citing family needs at home. She took full responsibility for her actions and vowed to do whatever it took to regain the trust of society and her family.

When the judge asked what her parents would have done had she been drunk as a teen, she blushed bright red and admitted she wouldn’t have sat down for a week. He asked her husband if he’d ever spanked his wife for misbehavior. Of course not, why would I do that to a modern woman? The judge replied because it will keep her out of jail. The court will consider suspending sentence if your wife agrees to atone for her actions by submitting to what her parents would have given her under the same circumstances.

She didn’t have to think long. A spanking, no matter how hard or how humiliating was nothing compared to a spell in jail. She agreed before her husband could even speak. He was unhappy with the situation but a spanking would seem to be the lesser of two evils. He agreed as well and asked how exactly the spanking would occur. The judge said you will spank your wife with whatever implements she received as a child. Bring them and yourselves back to court in three days. We will use my chambers as I will need to verify the severity of the punishment.

She was mortified and he was angry, but not at the judge; angry at his wife for dragging him into this unseemly affair through her careless actions. He called her parents when they returned from court and explained the judge’s ruling. They were delighted to tell him all about the brush and strap that had painted their daughter’s naughty bottom bright red on many occasions. In fact, they still had both implements and would be very happy to bring them over to the house the next day. Which they did, along with detailed instructions on their usage. They even offered to watch the children while their daughter had her day in court.

The judge met them in his chambers and told them he’d had a change of heart. He didn’t want to be seen as a lech but he was so tired of people not owning up to their responsibilities. He really didn’t want to send a mother to jail, but what choice did he have? She told the judge and her husband that she would own up to her error in judgment. If that meant jail time, then so be it, but she requested that the spanking proceed as previously agreed. My parents told my husband to thrash me ‘hard and long until I squeal’ and I intend to honor their wishes. My husband doesn’t want to spank me though. I am willing, but he is not.

The judge asked her husband if he was afraid to spank his wife. Not afraid to spank, afraid to hurt. I’m so angry that I might not stop. She said to the judge, where were you planning to have me presented for my spanking? Over this leather chair, I believe it is the correct height for you if you bend over the back and place your hands on the seat. She tried it and it did fit, but padding was needed to cushion her stomach. She nodded and said, Your Honor, will you be the observer and instruct my husband on the proper means of spanking? I sense you have some expertise in the field. I’d be pleased to instruct your husband so that he doesn’t overdo the punishment.

With that, to the shock of the men, she swiftly dropped her dress to reveal a naked body underneath. She folded her dress and knelt humbly before her husband. Sir, I damaged more than the car with my thoughtless actions. I damaged your trust and belief in me. I will bend over the chair and you will spank me for as hard and as long as the judge sees fit. Submission is about trust my love and I trust you to spank me and bring healing back to our marriage. I’m ready now. She draped herself over the chair waiting anxiously for the remembered kiss of the hairbrush and the sting of the strap. Please spank me hard husband. Make sure I pay the proper price for my stupidity with a meaningful chastisement.

She heard the judge and her husband moving behind her and softly whispered instructions. As the tentative first swats grew firmer and her bottom slowly warmed up, she settled herself down for a long and painful session. Unseen to both men, she smiled with gratitude. She was home at last. Pain after all was fleeting, but trust was forever.

4 thoughts on “Submission is about trust

  1. paul1510 September 28, 2009 / 8:50 pm

    LS, yes, so true, a very nice story. Thank you.
    Warm hugs,


    • lurvspanking September 28, 2009 / 9:23 pm


      Spanking is punishment at times, but if the punishment fits the crime, then better a strapping than a broken marriage.



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