Why would anybody want a spanking?

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

“Because it’s fun.”
“Yes, fun.”
“Having you spank my ass is going to be fun?”
“For both of us.”
“I’m the spankee right?”
“Yes, but it’s still fun to be spanked.”
“Have you been spanked before?”
“And was it fun?”
“Didn’t it hurt?”
“Yes. That’s the fun part.”
“The pain of the spanking is the fun part?”
“Yes. Plus the soreness afterwards.”
“That doesn’t sound like much fun to me.”
“The more sore you are after the more fun it was.”
“You are crazy.”
“Yes. So, can I spank you now?”
“Check please!”

So what happens next in this story? Spanking yes or no?

You may have noticed that there is very little actual spanking in my stories. That’s because I am intrigued by the interest people take in the art of spanking. It’s punishment, discipline, maintenance, sensual, sexual, domination and submission all centered around the bottom. But why? Why does it have such a hold over our psyches?


  1. I appreciate your support a lot, Lurv. Although I’m not really into The Bumhampton Chronicles, I enjoy a good spanking! Honestly, most men don’t understand it or know how to do it right. I’ve yet to be appropriately disciplined…and boy do I deserve it 🙂

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    • First off, thank you for commenting. There are plenty of other stories on this blog besides Bumhampton. If you plunder the archives, or if you go to my Best Of page up top, there are lots of spankings dished out. I agree that spanking is a touchy subject, which is why I am always flogging it so hard. 🙂 There is nothing I like more to do, than spank a deserving woman. Discipline covers so many varieties of spankings, that in truth, it’s an art form when done right.

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      • I will do some digging around in your archive and see if I find something that captures my interest 🙂 Sounds like you have a balanced philosophy on the subject. I don’t know much about the men who “like” to spank. It’s a knee-jerk belief, unfounded of course, that they are misogynists. There is a psychology there that I’ve never explored.


        • Start here: https://lurvspanking.com/various-and-sundry-writings-about-spanking/

          I am the farthest thing from a misogynist. Wanting to spank a woman—for me—is all about respect and a willingness to submit. I’ve written numerous essays about feminism and submission.


          All my writing is based on the psychological need to spank and be spanked.

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          • Hmmm, very generous of you to make selections for me to read with my wine this evening. Thank you!

            Liked by 1 person

            • Hmmm, I’ll provide the cheese. 😉
              You are always welcome in my little corner of the spanking universe.

              Liked by 1 person

            • Even if I just like to watch??


            • Watching is fine. Make sure you are comfortable though first. It’ll take a loooooooong time to finish. 😉

              Liked by 1 person

            • Good. Have a lovely evening my friend 🙂


            • BTW…did you finish my story yet??


            • Actually, I haven’t started it yet. I have been meaning to ask you if I could use that photo and post it on my blog with a link to yours when I write the story. After today’s comments, I have a much clearer idea of what to write about, spanking wise that is. 🙂 Let me know it that’s okay with you.

              Liked by 1 person

            • That sounds delicious! With the following consideration: tell me your first name??


            • It’s okay, not that important 🙂 I just want to call you a real name. How about Byron? I killed my email account attached to the blog to keep me out of trouble.


            • Byron will be fine. I remember you telling me about the email before, so that’s why it’s up to you. I’ve always kept this blog completely sundered from my other real name blogs. In fact, there are numerous people who follow both my current blogs w/o knowing. Several do know much about me that I’ve chosen to share.

              The back story to this blog, is that in 2006 I started a real name personal blog, attracted an audience—mostly female—and gradually realized 75% of them were into spanking. It wasn’t a spanking blog though, nor erotica, but about my life. Anyway, with their encouragement, I self-published a novel in 2007 under my complete real name. I started Lurv Spanking in 2009 because by that time I had seven blogs and wanted somewhere anonymous where none of my friends/readers etc knew who I was. It’s hard to write sometimes knowing your blogging ‘family’ is looking over your shoulder. Thus, the privacy.

              So, picture yes or no? I can write something w/o posting it, but a visual prompt would add a layer of authenticity.

              I want to add, my friend, that I am very low-key and pressure free. I love to chat with writers and share thoughts. Trouble is not in my vocabulary. 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

            • Wow, seven blogs. Sounds like you are a real veteran! I wonder, though, how you managed to learn that your readers on a non-erotic blog like spanking!! 75% of them? It’s never come up once on my real-name blog I’ve been running since 2012, with 2,000 followers. I have no idea what they are into, except food, LOL. I love that my image inspired you to write something. I would love to read it and of course you are welcome to use my photo.

              Liked by 1 person

            • Thank you. The spanking thing was weird. Several of them mentioned it in comments, and I think I posted something like a story with a spanking and it all kinda snowballed from there. It was a very personal chatty blog, a lot like this comment thread. I stopped blogging in 2012 and didn’t pick back up until July, 2016 here. I made most of my old blogs private because the spam was getting ridiculous.

              Liked by 1 person

            • Oh, okay I get it. Kind of like V-Pub. He’s a real chatty guy with tons of women followers. I’m not really into that. Maybe if I was chained to a desk all day…just out of sheer boredom I would join in. But I would feel lost in the crowd ultimately. I’m kind of a lone wolf.


            • She Who Howls at the Ocean. 🙂

              Thanks for the chat Jillian. I’ll let you know when I start/finish your story. Have a good night.

              Liked by 1 person

            • It’s been a real pleasure chatting to you today, Byron. A nice surprise. I don’t really talk to my readers any more than what you see on my posts. I will study the writings you recommended and give you my impressions tomorrow morning 🙂


            • I get that a lot. 😉


  2. “with”


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