Do spankings improve your complexion?

An adult story about spanking, read with caution

Such strange thoughts chase through your mind when bent over waiting for the first blow. No matter how many times your butt has been blistered, every spanking is different. Whether a good girl, maintenance, discipline, punishment, role-play, therapy or any other type of spanking, the mental aspect determines the effectiveness. Sure it’s your bottom bearing the swats, but it’s your Dom toying with your mind that makes the scene fly. [I mean scene as in personal scene not professional scene.]

Thus the questions in a submissive mind long before the spanking actually begins. Sure a spanking hurts, most of the time very badly, but the mental torture lovingly applied by a cruel Master is so delicious. It makes the nerves jangle, the adrenaline pump and when the bottom is bared to the implement of correction, the mind has become numb, except for those pesky questions.

Do spankings improve your complexion?
How often do birds eat?
If we had roast last night, how many sandwiches can I make?
How long to teach that damned pig to fly?


  1. *chuckles* oh now that’s so on par! Now I’m going over all the random thoughts I’ve had right before a spanking or lashing 😛


    • *Laughs*

      So true, if only they knew we weren’t trembling in fear. 😉



  2. I wonder if that lace is all the way in my twat”, “What the heck? That vacuum missed all this stuff”, “There it is”

    Nope, no quaking in my boots, lol


  3. […] week’s Flashback Friday story, was originally posted on Oct. 15th, […]


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