A vote for Eleanor will mean a pumpkin in every pot

On a personal note, my friend Ina Morata is one of the featured authors at the Battle of the Beasts. Her entry is included in the Lust in Tooth and Claw anthology and I urge you to Vote for Eleanor as your favorite beast. She is the second row, third column.

I wrote the following review of Ina’s story. Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith is a deeply erotic horror novella from the brilliant imagination of the renowned author Ina Morata. The story opens with Andy Marshall deposited as a half-drowned scrivener on the shores of an Irish isle out of legend. He received an offer to be writer-in-residence the last week of October, and, like many a man who fell victim to lust, has been led through the lashing rain not by his pen, but by his throbbing erect sword. Andy dreams of glory and fame and ‘Miss Leanan’ is offering both sight unseen. When he arrives he meets the carver-in-residence and is taken aback by both his talent and his haunted pallor. The carver tries to explain that She is everything but Andy spies Eleanor in the glow of the fireplace casting no reflection and he is instantly ensnared by her feral eroticism. For Eleanor is the Leanan Sidhe and Andy Marshall has been lured to witness the ancient rituals of sex and rebirth in exchange for every written masterpiece and wanton fantasy locked inside his mortal soul.

Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith is an arousing literary retelling of the classic human desire for fame and fortune at any cost. Only the reader can determine for themselves whether the price paid was worth the journey to the windswept mansion that lies a portal away from fairy fantasy.

4 thoughts on “A vote for Eleanor will mean a pumpkin in every pot

  1. Ina Morata October 17, 2016 / 5:35 pm

    Awww, thank you so much! I have such wonderful friends! I really didn’t expect you to mention it on your blog – I’m truly touched!

    You know already that I was amazed, honoured – and blushing – when I originally read your review of my novella. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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