Psychological Preparation for a Spanking

An important part of Dominance is the preparation for scenes. Not only the physical logistics of family, work and life in general, but by helping the submissive in their psychological preparation during the transition to a disciplinary mindset. I wrote a lengthy post called “A guide to giving Therapeutic Spankings for couples” that describes one way to deal with scheduled spankings.

But what about spontaneous spankings for fun and play? I offer three following scenarios, one with long buildup, one medium and one short. Obviously, your partner is willing and able to receive a spanking in the spirit it is delivered, and you both use words/phrases that are personally arousing. The identities have been changed to protect the innocent.

Long Scenario:

“Yes, dear?”
“Do you know what happens in two hours?”
“Hmmmm, a ball game?”
“No honey. You get a spanking in two hours.”
“But! Why?”
“You know what you did.”
“No I don’t know!”
“Really? Who was prancing around naked this morning?”
“But you told me to! That’s not fair!”
“Oh… so it’s my fault now.”
“Yes, sir. It is.”
“I see. Did I tell you to shake your tits? Bend over and spread your cheeks? Straddle the chair and play with yourself?”
“Well, no… I thought you liked it!”
“That’s not the point.”
“Then what is the point! Sir.”
“The point is that if you are going to behave like a slutty little girl, then you’re going to be punished like one with a nice, long, hard, juicy, slutty bare bottomed spanking. Now go set the timer.”
“Yes, sir!”

Medium Scenario:

“I’ve gotta a hankerin’ for sumptin’ woman.”
“A beer? Pizza? Beef jerky?”
“Naw. Sumptin’ a bit more meaty and juicy.”
“You mean like steak?”
“More like rump roast.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Tell me what that means.”
“I… can’t.”
“Say it…”
“I get spanked.”
“Good girl.”
“Right now?”
“Naw. Take a shower first.”
“Is that all, sir.”
“Nope. Get yerself nice and revved up, but don’t you dare come without my permission.”
“And after I’m all hot and bothered, sir?”
“Get in position for inspection.”
“On all fours, sir?”
“Rump nice and high, and you’d better be wet.”
“Yes, sir.”
“I’ll give you a seeing to in an hour. I’ll eat after you’re nice and tender red.”
“Thank you, sir.”

Short Scenario:

“Honey? Are you ready yet? We have to leave soon, the party starts in an hour!”
“Good! Then we have enough time.”
“You startled me! Let me straighten your tie.”
“Time for what?”
“Lift your dress up.”
“You heard me.”
“Now drop your panties to your knees.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Bend over the back of the couch. If your panties fall you get the belt.”
“Yes, sir!”
“Count the paddle strokes. If you’re a good girl and take your spanking without a fuss, you can have your butt plug to hold in my sperm during the party.”
“Please, sir. I’m a very good girl.”

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