The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 7 (Part 23)

The Gun Room had ceased to be intimidating. The menacing shackles and many implements designed only to inflict pain, were no longer items to be feared; but embraced. I shook off the vague and troubling pricks of discomfort and applied rigorous attention to polishing the brass. My uniform felt comfortable, the exposure now normal. I pretended I had an audience. Bending from the waist, bare buttocks and wet slit mesmerized my admirers. I simpered and fluttered my eyelashes. Feeling daring, I ran the feather duster handle between my soaked folds then licked off my cream. I dried the floor; again.

You can go to this page which has links to all the complete previous chapters.


  1. Mmmmmm…..very naughty! She needs someone to come along and put the fear back into her 🙂

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  2. That girl has no fear. She is just gobbling it all up and then looking around for more lol

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  3. I totally agree with missy – that little exhibitionist dalliance with the feather duster says it all! 🙂


    • Ruby hasn’t been knocked down… yet. For her, this is still a dreamscape away from the streets. It hasn’t occurred to her that she has a voice.


      • I have no doubt that you’ll ensure she has good reason to find it before the story is done. 😊


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