Thank you, Rebel, for the honor

I woke this morning to a surprise. The lovely and gracious Marie Rebelle had included this blog in her annual list, Top 20 Blogs of 2017, along with a mention of my latest published novella, The Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie.

As she notes in her preface, it was a difficult year for her on a personal level, and I know most of us can relate to the day-to-day struggle when life is not going to plan. She also mentions that choosing only 20 blogs does not mean that there are not hundreds and thousands of other worthy bloggers, but that it is simply a list of writers she selected. I am very honored and humbled by her mentioning my blog, as the other 19 include some of the most popular and influential sex bloggers on the planet. To be listed in their company means a lot to me; knowing that my writing brings joy and pleasure to others is truly what I strive for.

Thank you again, Rebel.

11 thoughts on “Thank you, Rebel, for the honor

  1. Ina Morata December 27, 2017 / 6:01 pm

    You TOTALLY deserve to be on Rebel’s top 20 list! You are one of the most committed bloggers I know and your work is not only wonderful but it has such an immense range, from comedic to emotive to thought-provoking and everything in between. You entertain many people on such a regular basis and I am in awe of you. Many congratulations!

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    • lurvspanking December 28, 2017 / 5:34 pm

      Aw shucks, Ina, you make me blush. I just try to write what makes me happy and if others are attracted to that, well, it’s always a good thing.

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        • lurvspanking December 28, 2017 / 5:38 pm

          Now don’t get any naughty ideas… on second thought, that would be fun. 😉

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          • Ina Morata December 28, 2017 / 5:40 pm

            Wouldn’t it just…?! But I have no idea WHAT you mean – ‘naughty’? Moi? 😉

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            • lurvspanking December 28, 2017 / 5:46 pm

              Butter wouldn’t melt….
              *bats eyes*

              [Not eye of bat, but an expression.]

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  2. missy December 28, 2017 / 1:52 pm

    Congratulations LS. I read her list and was so pleased to see that you were there. You not only contribute through your amazing and eclectic blog but through the support and encouragement that you give to other bloggers, particularly those starting off and I will always appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you 😊

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    • lurvspanking December 28, 2017 / 5:31 pm

      Thank you, missy. It was completely unexpected and am I still in shock. 🙂

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      • missy December 28, 2017 / 5:32 pm

        You really deserve it 😊


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