Exchanging spanking vows

This week’s Spanko Brunch #195 at Bonnie’s blog, she asks a general question about acceptance.

What do think the future holds for spanking and spanking enthusiasts? Can we gain anything approaching mainstream acceptance? Or will we be repressed by waves of political correctness or moral righteousness? Can vanilla society, or at least a majority of the people in it, come to understand that we are sensible, caring, productive citizens? Do you think media might play a role in delivering this message? Can bloggers help? Or will our community be better served by looking inward and supporting our own?

This is my response.

Angelique waited for her new husband to whisk her away from the reception. It had been a traditional wedding, complete with vows, although without the ‘obey’. Angelique fully intended to obey Henri in all things, but her modern friends did not understand her need to willingly submit to her Master. She’d tried, but been ridiculed and mocked when she revealed her love of discipline. The Story of ‘A’ she’d been dubbed and most of her now former friends were long gone from her life.

It was a very special place, an isolated wind swept bluff overlooking the river far below. The land had been in Henri’s family for centuries. Here, over a convenient stump, Angelique received her very first spanking from Henri and had fallen in love with his commanding ways. Now they returned to exchange a second set of vows, vows meaning so much more to them both.

I, Henri Montague, do take Angelique Montague née Molyneux to be my cherished submissive. I promise to love her, to guide her, to support her dreams and to provide discipline whenever needed. She is mine and I will use her freely as I see fit. I promise to listen and to understand her special needs. I will honor her parents and kin. I will respect her body as a temple of Eros and strive to make her sexually satisfied. As Angelique’s Master it is my solemn duty to protect, shield her from harm and spank her firmly when she errs. I swear before God I will keep her heart safe and her soul warm.

I, Angelique Montague née Molyneux, do accept Henri Montague as my cherished Master. I promise to obey him, to love him, to support his dreams and submit to his stern discipline. I am his and I will freely submit to his every desire. I promise to listen and understand his special needs. I will honor his parents and kin. I will respect his body as a shrine of Eros and use all my orifices to keep him sexually satisfied. As Henri’s submissive it is my solemn duty to anticipate, shield him from worry and accept punishment when I err. I swear before God I will keep his heart safe and his soul warm.

7 thoughts on “Exchanging spanking vows

  1. Meow October 10, 2009 / 10:48 pm

    I love the vows! When Lash and I committed to add DD to our marriage, we bought matching rings but vows would have been so cool! Meow


  2. cultivateddiscipline October 12, 2009 / 6:12 am

    LS, ahhhh, now you know I am going to have to study these and study these and study them some more. Idk Girly, even as a submissive wife can I say this? I laughed in my cousins face when she said obey at her wedding. It wasn’t hard, I was standing right next to her as a bridesmaid. I know, rotten me, slap my hand, sheesh, gotta think, gotta think. I think I still get stuck on verbiage – I think I have a hang-up, gotta think about it some more,,,,:) I think I want to own the one who owns me,,,does that make sense? ‘sigh’ still thinking,,,,CD


    • lurvspanking October 12, 2009 / 6:32 am

      ‘Obey’ gets a bad rap.

      She who laughs last gets spanked the hardest.

      In a true D/s relationship ownership cuts both ways.



      • cultivateddiscipline October 13, 2009 / 10:05 pm

        Ownership cuts both ways,,,,I needed to hear that, thank you


        • lurvspanking October 13, 2009 / 10:53 pm

          Absolutely CD. Being owned is a two-way street, no matter what Masters might think. They have an obligation and a duty to protect their submissives in every possible way.



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