Spanking holiday

Due to the slow economy donations to many charitable organizations have been greatly reduced. In order to spur more contributions the first Monday in December is now an official Spanking Day. On this day, those who choose to participate will gather at a designated location and display the pledge cards they have filled out. Volunteers from various local charities will be on hand to administer the spankings and collect the money. All money raised will be tax-deductible and as a bonus, all spankees will be given a $2,000 tax credit for the following year as a thank you. Please consider requesting a pledge card and get out there to sign up as many donors as possible. The number of spanks received will be based on a sliding scale with 100 the maximum number of strokes. This holiday season, bend over for charity and remember, ’tis the color red we love the most.

Spank you very much

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